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favorite super hero movie

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I'm split between Dark Knight, Watchmen, and Batman: Under the Red Hood. Probably Dark Knight because of Heath Ledger's stellar Joker performance.

Blade & HellBoy . I love those two. Blade trinity was better but all three with snipes was good. HellBoy was amazing too.

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Have to be Thor. He is honourable and pure hero material none corruptible. The movie had great visual effect and answered alot of my questions I had.

Thor and X-men are probably my favorite superhero movies. I was really surprised at how much I liked Thor actually.

My favorite so far is Iron Man, damn that movie is just amazing. If I'm correct I've watched both movies over 30 times and it still isn't boring.

I didn't like the first Iron Man at all. But I want to see The Avengers when it comes out, so I thought I should watch Iron Man 2. It made me question my decision to see The Avengers. I just do not like Iron Man at all. He just comes off as such a jerk, I can't bring myself to like him.

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