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  1. It was on tv during the other anime shows at the time so I just continued to watch along. I instantly got pulled into the plot and been hooked ever since. I am extremely happy I did now too. The interactions between characters was the reason I stayed in the beginning but the characters and the story gained depth. It also looked like it would be a underdog style anime and who doesn't like to root for strong willed underdogs!
  2. One of the greatest mentor characters in all of anime! The interaction Jiraya has with Naruto is awesome. Like how Naruto looked up to him as a father figure and how he treated Naruto more like a son than a pupil. The pervy attitude is just a added bonus. Hated when he died but realized it helped in character growth within the story, especially with the growth of Naruto. I will miss Jiraya's character for sure.
  3. All of the above are awsome! Naruto, Bleach and Highschool of the Dead are my Favorites out of all those. Darker than Black , Black Lagoon, Big Windup! and The Familiar of a Zero I also enjoy listening too.
  4. I download the anime onto my external hard drive and watch on the TV however it does not play all video types. Thats when I go through my laptop using a hookup to TV. I also buy Bluray and watch using my PS3. Any MP4 downloads I do, I'll use my iPod to watch.
  5. Had lots but 23 and 12 because they where my hockey numbers. But I've always like the 00. Nuff said!
  6. If a movie was made the best bet would be to stay with a mystery style anime like they did with Death Note. Or strictly action style like black lagoon. The problem would come as the characters would have to be casted prefectly. Best bet would be looking at older amines that can be reserected into live-action movie. But who can say no matter what somebody won't be happy so I say go for it.
  7. there are some good one that I just love but tops would be To Love-Ru and Naruto Shippuden 1. Just catchy tunes and great scene openings.
  8. rarely but happens when I watch reruns or late at night when the anime has no action or comedy. That is about the only time other than then I'm to enveloped in the show to fall asleep.
  9. Completeing FF7 on first go round and FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, FFXIII, FF Tactics. All on first go. Racked up alot of hours on these ones not to mention all the other ones. Still time well spent.
  10. Well just like lemmingllama, I'm from Canada as well. In Alberta I've seen 6 feet before and even more in the back country (among the mountains).
  11. Welcome Kametsu! This place is gonna blow your mind into oblivion. I know your gonna enjoy this site just as much as I have and don't be shy. This is a cool site with lots of kickas members. So have fun here moppet!
  12. Sorry a new playmate here! I guess the beautiful Kinara Uzumaki
  13. Like a shark, well maybe not that well but well enough to survive i think. Well hope!
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