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  1. Aww..i never realized that :(. Thanks anyways for the info.

  2. VLC does NOT play HD files in HD. It downscales them for smoother playback on shit PC's.

  3. neverending

    Best antivirus software for PC?

    I Totally Agree on this thread because i am also an ESET luver. Its Great due to its complex security measures.
  4. neverending

    Favorite Snack Food

    Mostly Fruits but then for Junkfoods then its Flaming Hot cheetos
  5. neverending

    What Kind of Instruments Do You Play?

    I Play Drums before but now i play Guitar and Piano
  6. neverending

    Mavs or Heat? Which team is better?

    Miami Heat coz of there big Three
  7. neverending

    fav soccer team

    There not yet known but they are progressing and its Philippine Azkals
  8. neverending

    Favorite "Disturbed" Song

    Inside the Fire and Indestructible.
  9. neverending

    Favorite Martial Art

    Muay Thai. Because its deadly and effective, also used in MMA.
  10. neverending

    Eminem: The best rapper ever?

    For me the Best White Rapper is Eminem.
  11. neverending

    which movie are you going to watch this year ?

    Since its 2012 i guess it will going to be The Avengers
  12. neverending

    Favorite Musicial Artist

    Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet and Red.
  13. neverending

    So, what does "Kametsu" exactly mean?

    Wow! Now i know what kametsu means cause of this thread, thanks for the info
  14. neverending

    Favorite Sport

    Basketball Ftw
  15. neverending


    I Rate it 5 out of 5. Its Awesome!