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  1. how i met your mother outnumbered big bang theory smallville
  2. i would just like an origins type add on for da2 because what they released so far sucks. DA3 with the warden and hawk would rock
  3. haha this movie will be so broken its scary. i mean i didnt think they could make a dragon ball movie bad, but the did oh god they did leave anime outta hollywood
  4. samsung 51 d550 series 3d got it pretty cheap, didnt buy from 3d actually wanted Pictures in picture and bigger screen. 3d is a bonis though
  5. hmmmm i didnt notice this, going to rewatch episode to see this. thanks Suit up!!
  6. mine would be either ocarina of time (no one can hate this game) or final fantasy 8 so many hours competing with friends to see how quick it could be completed ah good times
  7. probably freeza for me, reminds of the good ol days
  8. i liked green lantern and captain america didnt like xmen movies
  9. Bourne beats people with pens and news paper no james bond q based gadget is cooler than that haha
  10. immortals great movie movie everyone should watch is ninja terminator haha its worthy of checking youtube
  11. Lelouche because light has a mentle breakdown at the end of series its sad considering how calm he is rest of time
  12. blitzball was awesome, so awesome i actually have one i would be all for ffx hd if they remove kimahri he is pointless beyond belief
  13. kuja or seifer just seemed to enjoy them in the games kefka confused the f outta ne
  14. KH2 was best 1000 heartkess battle was epic. kh1 was great, but since then the story sorta went a bit crazy im still confused as to all these nobodys and shells i mean how many there is like 100 different ansems or what ever the hell they are running about haha and sora seems to have some sorta split personality disorder its confusing:confuse:
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