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  1. Seems an awesome movie, I'm not sure if I should go watch it on the theaters or just wait for a High Res download...
  2. No, its epic! This series was one of the best animes I had ever saw. It has better story then all the regular shounens like Naruto or Bleach and it also has very good action aswell. Me and all my friends agree that FMA is the best anime, its a same that it doesn't continue (same goes to Death Note)
  3. xXNeoREXx

    Top 5 Games

    Wow, the games that are recommended hare are really not that known... 1. Dragon Age: Origins 2. Assassin's Creed Revelations 3. Grand Theft Auto IV 4. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings 5. Driver San Fransisco
  4. My best comedy of all time is STEP BROTHERS. I laughed so hard the 10 times I sew it.
  5. xXNeoREXx

    iPhone 4S

    I don't know why even to waste you're money on those gadgets, I think iOS products are a waste of precious time. They get you hoked and then waste endless house on things that doesn't help you at all.
  6. YEAH, he has the reputation of the best, although I dont listen to rappers at all.
  7. Defiantly 5, although 3 is awesome too!
  8. I just ordered Hunger Games, I recently finished King Arthur and the knights of the round table.
  9. I loved all the Nintendo DS games.
  10. Light is great! I loved him at the start of the series, but after episode 8 he became corrupted by the fear of being cot, and so hes ideals become twisted and not contributive to his cause. He started great and then just became a murderer overwhelmed with power.
  11. My bad, I'm not sure its so expensive... she says she makes the costumes herself.
  12. I have a close friend that loves to Costplay... IDK if people are usually like that... Can I have some opinions?
  13. What is you're favorite music artist. furthermore you can add a song. In this topic people can post personal recommendations to music from their own taste.
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