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Last Manga You Read

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go ahead and make fun of me, but as a guy who enjoys all things that have cat ears it really wasn't that bad.:happy:

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I've been reading some of CLAMP's older works, and I just finished reading X-1999 (after I read Tokyo Babylon). Holy crap, it is so good! Actually, Tokyo Babylon is too, but seriously, X is one of the best manga series I have ever read!

So now I'm going to start reading Clover or maybe their newer series Kobato.

Besides CLAMP stuff, I've been reading D.Gray-Man, Vampire Knight, Psycho Busters, Fairy Tail, Nightmare Inspector, 07 Ghost, and Black Cat.

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I just read the first volume of Bunny Drop, it was so cute IMO.

I can't wait to snag the second volume xD

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