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  1. Happy birthday Fifi! Have a good one!

  2. Ringtone: All The Right Moves - One Republic
  3. Fifilicious


    I hated the Bount Arc -_____- The Hueco Mundo Arc is good minus all of the fights. Aizen is a very intriguing character and the mind games he plays on people keeps things interesting. At least in the episodes he's in.
  4. Fifilicious


    and the story doesn't look half bad, but it just seems like a filler to me (even though it isn't) and so I just can't get into it and might stop reading Bleach for a while because of that. This is often the case with anime/manga that never end. While at the end of a really good anime I catch myself going "Noooo!! Why did it have to end?!" I realize that if it doesn't end, it'll turn into the same thing over and over.
  5. Just Code Geass for right now. I'm trying to make an AMV and it's very time consuming O.O
  6. Fifilicious


    The problem I have with Bleach is that it's getting (or rather has been) very repetitive. Someone with a grudge against the Soul Society or for whatever other reason, will want to destroy it and in comes Ichigo being all "GAR you can't do this" and stuff. Enemies will seem impossible to defeat until he gets some crazy new power and wins. Fights take forever, if I'm watching episodes online I will skip through the fight scenes since they're very predictable. No one besides the villains ever die. Not that I'm saying I want them to, I just wonder how one can go through so many "life and death" situations without SOMEONE getting killed. But that's just me.
  7. It's goodness is subtle...if that makes any sense. things get a little crazy in book 2 so I would encourage you to read at least the first few chapters. There's framed murder involved :X
  8. I kind of want to see Water For Elephants. I read the book and I loved it. The choice of two main characters makes me a little worried. I would have never picked Reese for the main female character. She seems to be a little old for the role plus all I've ever seen her play have been strong female characters and this one I would not label as "strong". I've only seen Robert P. in Harry Potter and Twilight, neither of which said "brilliant" to me. But hey, they can both surprise me.
  9. The series is really good. Definately recommend you finish all three books. This is a good one two. Anxiously waiting for the next book. I'm currently reading City of Fallen Angels Book 4 of The Mortal Instruments series
  10. The King's Speech It felt like it was supposed to be much longer. Not sure why.
  11. I don't care much for her. She has a terrible attitude.
  12. I think it's pretty good. The fanservice is a little much and not to mention extremely unrealistic but other than that I like it. I haven't gotten very far, only seen the 1st season but I think it's worth watching until the end.
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