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  1. Koby

    happy birthday

  2. im more excited for Storm 2 but this still looks pretty good and thanks for the news
  3. These are the anime's i've yet to put on disc and still on my HDD -Dragon Ball Z Kai - 1 to 13 -Naruto - 164 to 220 -Naruto Shippuden - 1 to 48 -Bleach - 110 to 167 -One Piece - 92 to 156 -FMA: Brotherhood - 1 to 26 -Soul Eater - 29 to 51 these are all dubbed btw this list would have been 4-5 times as big 2-3 weeks ago but i have done a lot of burning since then cause my 1TB EHD was almost out of space xD
  4. just beat BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Story, pretty fun 2d Fighter, any anime/fighting game fans will love this one
  5. i just finished downloading Naruto Shippuden 163 via Torrent of HorribleSubs 480p encode
  6. Robin Hood, pretty good for the most part but some things stuffed it 7/10
  7. Freeza and Cell from DBZ and Orochimaru from Naruto/Shippuden are all pretty good villains for me.
  8. Frontlines: Fuel of War was the last game i finished for the Xbox 360, friend let me borrow it and its actually a pretty fun game, overall i give it an 8/10
  9. 999,237 bottles of beer on the wall
  10. i haven't been on here for a while lol, i must have forgotten about it, but it's still as awesome as i remember so i'm gonna be active here as well from now :P

  11. KM Player for the most part but if i get the TV to myself i hook it up to my Xbox and watch on my 46' Bravia LCD, looks amazing
  12. I'm shocked I didn't send you a Friend Request before :o.

    Anyways, it's sent now.

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