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long ago in the past o_O

catch up spidey :P

need more naruto than sasuke i think

Lolz check it out, i posted that in "2008" xD

Now, I am quite excited about the new chapter, Moon's eye plan it gives me an idea like it's something like sharingan plan lolz Madara is going to reveal his plan but do you know y would he wants everyone to know it? O_o Again so fishy!!!

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i heard somewhere that during the chapter

Tobi was going to take his mask off

i dont know if this is confirmed or unconfirmed....but i hope its confirmed :dhh:

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i gots a confirmed spoiler here....nothing bout tobi taking hes mask though but it seems really good.


Credit: on3word, NF

Verification: Confirmed

Naruto Chapter 467: Declaration of War


My foolish youngerbrother bought it.


The front cover of the Jump issue is of Naruto eating Ichiraku Ramen.


In color to celebrate October 10 as Naruto’s birthday and the series’ 10th anniversary.


Sai: After we enter the Iron Country, please…search for Naruto, Kiba


Kiba: Understood!


Sakura is quiet/faithful.


Kiba: Ha…


Lee: What’s going on?

キバ『いのは泣いてるだけだったってのに サクラはこの覚悟だ…

ナルトに何て切り出すのかは知らねーが… 気不味い雰囲気になるのは


Kiba: Ino just cried back there, yet Sakura and her resolve…I don’t know if she’s going to cut it off with Naruto but, the mood has definitely become awkward.

リー『… サクラさんにも色々考えがあるんだと思います』

Lee: …Sakura must be thinking about a lot of things I can imagine.

キバ『しかし4人1組が…基本だからって… 探索任務だとオレだもんよ

それに… 秘密裏にってのがサイの”注文”… ”根”の尾行確認までオレの鼻まかせだぜ』

Kiba: However with 4 people as 1 team…to me, this is supposed to be a basic search mission, however, in secret, these are Sai’s orders…leave it to my nose to track Root.

カラー巻頭 マダラ、キミマロ、カブト、オロチマル、カクズ、イタチ、キサメ。デイダラ、


Color cover featuring Madara, Kimimaro, Kabuto, Orochimaru, Kakuzu, Itachi, Kisame, Deidara, Haku, Zabuza, Naruto, Sakura, Gaara, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Sai.


On the Cover

忍の業に導かれ、刃を交えし闘いの日々。 そして迎える新時代―

Blades clashing everyday, guide the Shinobi’s deeds. And also welcome a new age.

Naruto’s thoughts are now…


Innkeeper: What the hell did you guys do here! It’s because of this SHinobi are…!

ヤマト『す…すみません 私がちゃんと直しておきますから…』

Yamato: So…sorry I will make sure to fix it…


The snow falling, Naruto is on the roof. Kakashi watches him.


Naruto recalls Madara’s words.

マダラ『サスケは うちはの憎しみを全て背負い… その憎しみの呪おを

世界へぶつけるつもりだ 最も強い武器であり友であり…力である憎しみ

それがサスケの忍道だ!! サスケ自身がそう選択したのさ』

Madara: Sasuke is burdened with all the hate of the Uchiha…he intends to strike the world with this hate. Sasuke himself has chosen this.


Naruto: There’s nothing left to do but to directly confront Sasuke.


There’s a picture of white Zetsu’s head from an opening in a hole.


Raikage: It’s as Shii has seen, the Hokage seems to have run for it!


Tsuchikage: Yeah, it’s Sasuke’s fault.


Madara: !


The Raikage punches Madara.


Raikage: !!?



The punch connected but Madara’s mask vanishes like a whirpool with Sasuke getting sucked in with it.


Raikage: Akatsuki’s plan…there’s no way I’ll understand/approve!

吸い込まれてくの見てビックリ、カリン(!! サスケが…!!)

Karin is surprised to see them disappear and thinks (!! Sasuke…!!)


Raikage: Return Sasuke!

マダラ『だったらオレの話を聞け それの返答次第だ』

Madara: Then listen first to what I have to say.

土影『少し落ち着け雷影 聞くだけ聞いてそれからじゃぜ』

Tsuchikage: Calm down a little Raikage, let’s just listen.


Raikage: Chi…


Madara goes to Karin’s side. Madara: Restore Sasuke…


Karin gets sucked in.


Kankuro: This is Madara’s ability huh…


Temari: Space/time ninjutsu huh.


Karin (!?)



Karin is in some space/time secluded room with Sasuke. Kind of like where the white Ichigo from Bleach comes out. The room is lined by and made up of boxes. That’s how it looks.

カリン『… ここは?』

Karin: …this place is?

マダラ『さて… そろそろ聞く気になってくれたか… 諸君』

Madara: Now…It seems like you guys are ready to pay attention…Gentlemen.

ガアラ『なぜ お前がサスケを手懐けようとする?』

Gaara: Why did have Sasuke do this?

マダラ『”スサノオ”まで開眼する写輪眼は稀だ… いい眼をストックしておきたくてな

五影との実戦で さらに瞳力を鍛えさせておきたかった… ここにサスケを送りこんだのは

オレだ  五影を弱らせて人質に取ろうとも思っていた… そこまでは無理だったようだが』

Madara: I wanted to awaken his Sharingan’s “Susano’o”… I need to stock up on good eyes. His fight with the 5 Kages and sending him here was like my way of training a pupil. I had thought he could weaken the 5 Kages for me to take hostage but it seems that was overdoing it.

水影『人質?… 一体何のために!?』

Mizukage: Hostage?…What could you possibly want from that!?


Madara: Like I said, it’s to securely carry on my Eye of the Moon plan.

土影『本当にあの うちはマダラが生きていたとは驚きじゃが…お前ほどの男がなぜこんな

回りくどいやり方をする? お前の力ならどんな計画でも思い通りのはずじゃぜ』

Tsuchi kage: For real? It’s surprising that Uchiha Madara is still alive but, why then if you’re him? Why such a roundabout way of doing things? With your power you should be able to do as you wish.

Madara: My fight with the Shodaime Hokage left me deeply wounded…

シー『お前が… 本来の自分に戻るための計画ってやつか…?』

Shii: You…So is this plan to restore yourself to the way you were…?

マダラ『うむ…そうとも言えるが… それだけではない』

Madara: Yes…you could say that…but not just that.

ミフネ『何を企む!? ”月の眼計画”とは一体なんだ!?』

Mifune: What are you scheming!? What then is this Eye of the Moon plan!?

マダラ『ゆっくり話したい… 腰を下ろさせてもらう』

Madara: I want to take my time talking about this…so please sit down.


Madara sits. (Haha)


Kankuro: What kind of plan are you going to share with us?


Madara raises his index finger


Gaara: ?

マダラ『全てがオレと一つになる! 全ての統一を成す完全体だ』

Madara: I will become one with everything! I will unify all and obtain the perfect body.


Everyone: …!?


Tsuchikage: Become one…? Unify all…? What is this!?

マダラ『うちはには代々伝わる古の石碑がある 今も木の葉のちかにある


瞳力がなければ読むことができず  写輪眼・万華鏡写輪眼・輪廻眼の順に


Madara: There’s a stone monument that has been passed down for generations to the Uchiha. Even now, close to Konoha, the Rikudo Sennin once wrote about a secret there. Unless you have you pupil, you will be unable to read and decipher the Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan, Rinnegan as well as increasing it’s contents.

土影『話がマユツバものになってきたな 六道仙人など…』

Tsuchikage: This story has become like a fable, with the Rikudo Sennin and all…

マダラ『これは事実だ 彼は存在した  そしてその石碑を残した』

Madara: This is the truth, he lived. And he left that stone monument.

雷影イライラ~~『話が逸れた! お前の計画と その六道仙人と何の関係がある!?』

Raikage: This talk is straying! How does the Rikudo Sennin related to your plan!?


Everyone: ?


It’s long from here. Continuing.



そこにオレの目的と この男(六道仙人)との繋がりがありる』

Madara: How did this legend among shinobi, become revered like a god. Do you know?

水影『…うちはマダラ… アナタは 万華鏡写輪眼を持ち”暁”には輪廻眼の輩もいた


Mizukage: …Uchiha Madar…you, an Akatsuki weilding the Mangekyou Sharingan, and a companion with the Rinnegan…you must also know of its entirety right.


Tsuchikage: Lets listen.

マダラ『彼はかつて世界をすくった あるバケモノから…』

Madara: He once created this world, from that monster…


Gaara: Monster…?


そいつは尾獣全ての集合体  …最強のチャクラを持つ存在   十尾だ』

Madara: Gaara…a part of that monster was sealed in you. It is the the aggregation of all the biju. The being possessing the greatest chakra, the Jyubi (ten tails).


There’s a picture of the Jyubi but it only has 1 eye.


It’s eye has the Mangekyou Sharingan.


The figure/shape is similar to the Kyubi.


Gaara: !?


Temari: Aren’t there only 9 biju!?

マダラ『言ったはずだ… そいつは尾獣全ての集合体だと

一尾から九尾までの尾獣は その十尾のチャクラを分散したものにすぎない


Madara: I said didn’t I?…It’s a culmination of all the biju. From the Ichibi to the Kyubi, the Jyubi’s chakra was dispersed by the Rikudo Sennin.


Kankuro: This story has gone bad…so Akatsuki has been collecting the biju for…

マダラ『六道仙人は十尾から世界を守るため ある忍術を開発した…

今もその忍術は密かに受け継がれている 人柱力の封印のシステム…

そう六道仙人は… 十尾の人柱力だった  十尾を抑え込むため



しかしまりに強大にしてチャクラは己が死ねば封印が解け また表へ出てきてしまう

それを恐れた六道仙人は死に際に最後の力を使い 十尾のチャクラを九つに分散し




Madara: The Rikudo Sennin protected the world from the Jyubi, and a ninjutsu was developed to to so. The mystery of that ninjutsu has been passed on even today, the system to seal Jinchuriki. That’s right, the Rikudo Sennin was the Jinchuriki of the Jyubi. In order to suppress the Jyubi, he sealed it into his own body. The Rikudo Sennin save the world from the Jyubi inflicting pain on the people as was praised like a god. But if he died, the seal would break and would release the Jyubi back into the world. Fearful of that, he used the greatest power and split the Jyubi into 9 parts. They were split and separated across the land. And to make the Jyubi’s power unobtainable, he flew into the sky and created the moon.


Darui: This story is too huge…can a human really do this?

マダラ『十尾の人柱力となった六道仙人は すでに人外の輩になっていた』

Madara: By becoming the Jinchuriki of the Jyubi, the Rikudo Sennin, has already moved beyond us as a peer.

ミフネ『お前がその分散してあった九つのチャクラ… つまり全ての尾獣を集めて

その人外の力を手にするつもりなのは わかった  が…そんな力を手に入れて


Mifune: You…those 9 separate chakras…I understand you intend to collect the biju to obtain this inhuman power but, what do you intend to do with this power?


そしてオレは十尾の人柱力となる  その力を利用して己の瞳力を強大させ

…そして あつ術を発動させる』

Madara: Revive the Jyubi! And then as the Jyubi’s Jinchuriki, I’ll use this power to make my eye stronger, and to activate a jutsu.

土影『ある術じゃと!? 何じゃそれは!?何をするつもりじゃ!?』

Tsuchikage: A jutsu!? What are you talking about!? What is it you intend to do!?

マダラ『月に己の眼を投影する大幻術   無限月読…


アレが全ての人間を その幻術の中でコントロールし


Madara: I will project the greatest genjutsu on the moon, Mugen Tsukiyomi (Infinite Tsukiyomi)…All people living on this planet will be put in my genjutsu! I will control everyone with this genjutsu and unify this world.


Everyone: !!!

マダラ『わだかまりも争いもない世界だ 全てがオレと一つになる



Madara: A world without ill feeling or strife. Everything will become one with me. Unify all. This is my Eye of the Moon plan.

雷影『ふざけるな!! お前などに世界は渡さん!!』

Raikage: Stop messing around!! I won’t hand over the world to someone like you!!

ガアラ『幻の中の平和などごまかしだ 現実の世界で成しえてこそ意味がある』

水影『そんなものの中に何があるって言うの! 希望も夢もない!逃げているだけよ!』

Gaara: Decieved by a peace only in illusion. There’s meaning to (our) actions in the real world.

土影『世界を一つにするか… 確かダンゾウも同じようなことを言っとったが…

お前のは世界を一つにすると言うより 世界を自分一人のものにしたいとしか聞こえん』

Tsuchikage: Unify the world huh…It’s true Danzo said the same thing however, you say you want to make the world one, but all I hear is you wanting the world for yourself.

マダラ『ククク…そういう お前達五影に何ができたと言うのだ?

お前達なら本当は理解しているハズだ…    希望などない事を!!

希望とは あきらめに等しいものだ… ごまかしのセリフでしかない

残りの八尾と九尾を差し出し オレの計画に もろもろ協力しろ


Madara: Kukuku…I see, Do you see what you 5 Kage are doing and saying? You al must certainly understand…that there is no hope! Hope is like giving up…it’s just a word to cover up reality. Hand over the remaining Hachibi and Kyubi. If you don’t cooperate, this will mean war.


Gaara: War…?

雷影『八尾…? …どういう事だ!? ビーはお前達が…!』

Raikage: Hachibi…? ….What do you mean? Don’t you guys…!

マダラ『八尾の捕獲は失敗し逃げられた… あれこそ人柱力として完璧な忍だ…


Madara: The capture of the Hachibi was a failure and he escaped….As a Jinchuriki, he’s a perfect shinobi…despite being your younger brother.


Raikage is pissed…his facial expression is funny (to Ohana)


Darui: Ah…as thought…for him to do something like that…


Shii: Ha..


許さん! 鉄の爪(アイアンクロー)じゃ!!』

Raikage: That idiot!! To leave the village and go play!!!!


Gaara: I won’t hand over Uzumaki Naruto.


Mizukage: I won’t either!


Tsuchikage: And you Raikage?


Raikage: Of course I won’t hand over my younger brother!

マダラ『オレには力はないが… 今までに集めた尾獣がある お前達に勝ち目はないぞ』

Madara: I don’t have any power but…until now I have collected biju and none of you have any chance of winning.


GaaraL I won’t abandon hope.

マダラ『いいだろう…  第四次忍界大戦…  ここに宣戦を布告する』

Madara: Fine… I proclaim a declaration of the 4th Great Ninja War from here on out.


At last, a world war begins!


i will edit it when the complete translation comes out so its easier to read

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Wow! Fourth Ninja War!!!! It's abou to begin O_o How will madara fight with all those ninja villages O_o He has only three people left on his side O_o He is weird, what did he meant by fight with the first hokage left him deeply hurt O_o

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ok people i found the confirmed spoiler for chap 470

Source: NF

Credits: Vered

Verification: Confirmed


Sakura and Naruto have a long-winded conversation


Sakura, Kiba, and Lee form a team and search for Sasuke. (kept secret from Naruto)


Sai watches from the shadow of a tree

ガアラ達 雷達 水 土 どこかに迎う絵

Gaara and the other kage's location is drawn in picture* (not sure about this)

土は まぁ諦めることを諦めろ的発言

Tsuchikage talks about giving up on giving up


Ponta is taken out and Sabu-chan takes hold of his giant sword/axe?


Samehada interferes by aiming for Sabu-chan as well as Bee

隙にサブちゃん 与作切り!

Sabu-chan uses an opening to slash

隙ついてビー攻撃 サメ刀で止める

Bee uses an opprotunity to attack, stopping Samehada

ビー 発狂! 8尾衣が出る。

Bee is crazy! 8-tails clothes come off.


Sabu-chan knows that Bee is the 8-tails Jinchuuriki

サメ 頭突き サブちゃんサメの刀の能力わかりビーに伝える。

Sabu-chan butts heads with Samehada with his own sword, realizing what it's abilities are and tells Bee


Samehada's bandages come off




Will come back with more tonight


Bee goes wild. The 8-tails shroud appears.

(I'm not sure it would be a shonen manga if bee took his clothes off)



Mr. Shark is tough

The last panel is samehada

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i love kisame but hate what happened to him.. i hope he somehow survives >_> lol unlikely.. but anyway whats up w/ danzo? lol.. i knew he was ganna be strong and wierd but they definatly pulled a twist i wasnt expecting..

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Huh, Kisame isn't the bite one could chew up so easily. He has survived among the akatsuki for a long time and it looked like he had earned Itachi's respect, so he shouldn't be underestimated.

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i'm really just looking forword to seeing Naruto all the way thoguh. im not good at the hole sub tittle thing and cant wait to see what you guys are talking about :happy:

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i'm really just looking forword to seeing Naruto all the way thoguh. im not good at the hole sub tittle thing and cant wait to see what you guys are talking about :happy:

If you really want to advance in naruto's plot, you'd better read the manga rather than watching the anime. You can find it on the net easily, check out onemanga.com. It took me less than a week to go through the hole Part II.

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