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Hi again.

I souped from another forum and was checking my e-mail, which I do so diligently to make sure my recruiter doesn't think I'm dead. And there was, like, this e-mail from Koby so I was, "Okay, whatever." So, here I am. I will probably be gone again in a few months, if not sooner. I am a free spirit.

What's new? Um, I don't know what I've already said. Well, I'm enlisted in the Air Force, decidedly the most corporate of the branches. I'm going to be a linguist, but I don't know what language I'll have until the end of this year or next year. I apparently qualify for the higher category languages, but we'll see.

I don't remember when I last left, but uh... I live in North Dakota? It's lame (don't go there). I'm a senior, slated to graduate come May 20-something. Going to see the Canadian this summer. =o Exciting! I have a kitty; she likes yoghurt and shedding. My English teachers like me and talk about me to other English teachers. I have had four English teachers in the two years I've been living in North Dakota.

I dunno what else to say.

Well, some kid got busted the other day for smoking, so he got a suspension for two days. And there was that time the entire hockey team was apparently puking. It was supposed to be really gristly and awful--I mean, imagine a bunch of kids kneeling on the ice going, "BLAAAARGH". Any gossip for me?! =o

ETA: Oh. Regarding the title. Latin! Yes. Okay, I'm done.

ETA2: Omg, wait. "You last visited: 08-22-2007" So when I leave again, I will have to leave for at least six months!

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Esdee: Oh, Kay? I did not recognise the phonetic spelling. And yeah, real shocker there with the Latin. =P

Koby: Aww, that's nice. I don't know where I ran off to. I despise running. If only I could levitate! Or teleport.

Vameq: I remember people. My memory is not so poor.

Kent: You can't be my stalker, considering the position is already filled by Mikey. =o You can stalk him instead, maybe.

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hey eo

been awhile whats up

heres some gossip for you...so ii went to the strip mall near my friends house walked around in gothic uniform xD and got kicked out of 4 stores as soon as we walked in...it would figure though since my friend kept asking if she could light stuff on fire and then in the last store tried to light a cigarette? O.o

good story?

anyway wb dont disapear...im tyrign to stick around too

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Lighting stuff on fire! Oh, the sin. =P I can't say I've ever been kicked out of a store, but I have been yelled at by a mall guard because a few friends and I were playing on the escalators.

Last year, when we were on the Concordia trip for Latin, I was wandering with a group of people--we had walked by a little old lady and one of the girls said, "You know, I've always wanted to adopt an old lady. Like... just pick her up and go, 'Are you lost, little girl? Let's get you home'. They're so cute." I think she was the same one who suggested we just walk up to another group and pretend we were always part of it. Malls are fun when you travel in packs. =P

Yes, I remember people. My memory is not so poor! Yar.

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