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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. I just picked up this game along with a new DSLite because I gave my old Original blue DS to my brother, and I really like the game even tho it's not as fun as the original FFCC in my opinion..and they kinda made the lilties go from strong warriors to...alchemists or some shit...and the clavats are fuckin' godmode instead of defensive/balance.and Selkies are archers...eh...kinda makes sense...just wish Gnash wasn't so retarded...
  3. I'd say go for it... (fyi koby u totally want this since you're 18 now lawl)
  4. I know how it is, man..i know i haven't been on here much, either...too busy with work, wow and GF...been changing up my work hours to day shift so i'm not getting much sleep, and i gotta keep gf happy and spend my time with her, and my guild is liek working on a major boss so gotta get in there and kill him...(sad, i know...ya just don't understand lol) piece shinjiz! g'luck
  5. I'm a couch...is that good?
  6. OMG YES shinji (given)
  7. Meet the spartans was omghorrible...the best part was that one yo' momma joke...which is sad...method man was probably the best actor =/ I last watched the OVA's of Read or Die I love that godamn movie lol
  8. well F j00 t00 Shades?!?!?
  9. sure you do....you're not successful unless the guys in sweatervests like you
  10. Vameq

    Kametsu Gallery

    /clap...iz nice...sehr nett
  12. /poke Zeke hai... Shade is a big meaniehead and she drags me around and junk and STUFF!...<4shadez (iz wun bettar than three!)
  13. Vameq


    yea according to my friend hoyle around where he lives some dude got "whacked" as he put it i think it was around arby's...richfield's full of a bunch of morons, man...some of 'em really think they're ghetto it's funny no woot MN...it suxx...not u..just...mn in general.......anyway... watcha in minneapolis fer?
  14. eh...just so you're right...you owe me a win Esdee
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