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  1. Same birthday as me, eh? Give us a holler at the CB next time you're on.

  2. hey happy 20th b-day ^_^

  3. Shade

    Hi All

    yeah, im guilty of the twice a year pop in... lol. well i ghost around its nice to meet u! ive been around since i dunno 4 years ago so if koby aint about feel free to ask me anything n ill try to help ;P have funz
  4. Shade

    its shade again

    well u can only hope for the best and well to be honest i date very little and with this one it happened today or rather i found out today i was completely blindsided however im not here to mope came back to deny myself that pityful hobby
  5. hither as she withers away inquiries watched and statements made how she'll never be the same eyes as blind as spiders feel the need to crawl all over tree that thought it loved a leaf till it fell and color faded made love to the earth how could he be so jaded widows peak where lovers watch wretched things when they come home adultered men let them stay gone at least they memories you'll always have memories you wish you never had brocken hearts on sale at the stand buy one get on cheat is the san
  6. hey guys its me i bet koby is the only one who remembers me but thats ok i left in october i didnt have internet till now, i have it on my phone, scratchimg my cats ears with my stylis atm. lol. anyway im back for awhile but im probably just going to ghost and post depressing poetry as to the fact im single again, damn those cheating assholes... oh yeah and now im 18 and im enlisting in the marine corps who would of guessed? i dunno about u guys but to me this is starting to look like a book so i lrave it at that...xoxo vix
  7. So yeah i have a few proxys cuz they blocked Kametsu and there blocking my proxys one by one! That's why ive been missing but im fighting it i promise THE MACHINE WILL NOT WIN!
  8. Okay so as you know my school firewall sucks i can't even get on deviantart. I however foudn this object in my photobucket from when i started doing line art. I thought you guys might think its cool so here you go. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v433/LarasLilGirl/ElizabethNickcopy.png
  9. Shade

    Stopping by

    no no no i can get on kametsu too lmao i dunno there are holes in every firewall i guess your forum is one of them xD thank god because i push insanity without internet xD
  10. Shade

    Stopping by

    you have no idea lol
  11. 1. Motley Crue 2. Otep 3. Misfits 4. Mindless Self Indulgence 5. Angel Spit
  12. Shade

    Stopping by

    Well im in english class, and new firewall blacks evrything >.< but not Forg...i mean kametsu anyway figure il stop in now and again but i don't have internet at home anymore T_T
  13. so yeha it turns out the apple juice was fermented lmfao
  14. ive been dizzy and my head hurts but yeah im fine. apple juice is my favorite type of juice, i drink a lot of it, especially when depressed....
  15. Welcome.... lots to read >_> bahhhhh to lazy! hehehehe
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