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  1. 1.cowboy bebop 2.ghost in the shell 1st gigg 3.ghost in the shell 2nd gigg 4.death note 5.ninja scroll
  2. what happend to the angry isowa's afro got use to reconise him that way boy he sue dosent like matsu talking about misa misa
  3. Liquid sword


    all i do each night is pray hoping that you'l be apart of me again some day
  4. i watched the watcmen had a weird ending like they had to kill the world to save it:confuse:
  5. thats pretty cool how do you make the colours fade like that neat camra trick
  6. check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMwo6XEryik
  7. Liquid sword


    hey welcome enjoy you stay
  8. metal gear solid 3 metalgear solid 2 zone of the enders zone of the enders2 baldurs gate baldurs gate 2 resident evil code veronica xmen legends champions of narrath champions of norrath 2 persona 3fes kingdom of hearts kingdom of hearts 2 tekken 4 and 3 final fantasy 12 final fantasy 10 demonstone
  9. i love light yagami's epic pen slashing those scene are awesome but the kinda emotional dead when it comes to women boyz that age are usally crazy about them so whats up misa misa hints stuff but he's never intrested an she a model
  10. ................................4609-
  11. if it was a man it could not reproduce female reproduce i.e there are more
  12. kupo....lol whoops.........still getting to grips with ehe site hey sasuke hey nana kai enjoy
  13. yeah do find the robot backup unit anoying in ghost in a shell the tachicomas
  14. hey there welcome

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