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omgg n00b!!1!


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I saw the title in the latest posts and saw that the fresh meat posted it so I was expecting something "LYKE H3LL00!11!" ish haha.

Welcome aboard, hope you have fun browsing the forums of fuzzy animals and love. <3

fien i gess u dint like my intro well i dont like u hah


Wow. That was almost... painful. Thanks for the welcomes.

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Muj-ka-blah Slayer cleans my room in return of friendship, go to him. XD

Don't enslave the new ones.

Then they wont wanna come back. D:

I'll finish it *tickles ray ray*

hmmm it's a game you make up silly reason for the fun of it.

I hate being tickled. >< Why does everyone pick on the short kid? lol.

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