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  1. Click. I never saw the whole move through. I cried, I will admit that. XD It was very nice.
  2. Riiiiiiight here and here
  3. Bwhaha this is me and Pistachio he is the bestest rat everrr http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/96/l_153d6ec80c9a4d9eb8d1467e2e752e8e.jpg EDIT: btw everyone using the spoiler thing, I cannot open those. o.o
  4. Alright, so, I have only talked to two people about this, because I trust them 100% and I know they wouldn't tell my boyfriend. Because they are my two closest guy friends and don't gossip. And I know this sounds ridiculous but can we keep this inside the forum, I know many of you probably don't know or don't care, but it'll reassure me. Anyways so. I have been dating my boyfriend for, it will be 11 months soon. He is cool, sweet, nice, cute, and always makes me happy. Or so he did months ago. A few months ago, he started getting extremely clingy, emotional (like drama queen), got mad when I talked to one of my guy friends (so I didn't talk to them for months), and would get salty when I hung out with a girl (wtf? he's jealous I'm spending time with them and not him). He's been driving me away with his emotions and gets mad at me all the time. He also accuses me of cheating on him all the time. Well here's the problem. I'm not a cheater, I hate cheaters, ugh. But... I've had a friend I have a crush on, I've always like him, even before me and my boyfriend started dating. I can keep stuff like that in check when I can talk to him everyday (the kid I have a crush on) and when I can talk to my other guy friends, because well they are my friends and I love them, and it keeps me from going crazy. I don't have that many girl friends, but I love my guy friends. My bf makes it seem like he's the only one that should be in my life. I can't deal with just one person for the rest of my life, I love having numerous people to talk to. Well... I went to go hangout with my friend who I had a crush on and I hadn't seen him in ages. It was fun, we caught up and it was just awesome. I actually felt butterflies, and I don't feel those with my boyfriend anymore. We just chilled like old times, but out of nowhere.... What do you know, we start kissing, get a little heated, and then, we had intercourse. (the is even the first time we ever kissed, wtf) That's not the part that bothers me. Really, I'm bothered by the fact of I don't care that I cheated, and I'd do it again with him. I feel terrible for not caring. Me and this kid like each other, but I really don't trust him and he lives like 30 minutes away but like... I miss my boyfriend before he became such a controlling dick. I really dunno what to do, if I told him or broke up with him, he'd defiantly kill himself, I've stopped him in the middle of it before. He calls me millions of times, especially when I'm at work or hanging out with someone and keeps going "comeon can't we talk for 5 minutes? I miss you so much" That's all he ever says Really, I hang out with him and 5 minutes after I leave he calls and goes "I miss you" I don't miss him. I miss people after like... a few days of not talking, not 5 minutes. He's just being so weird lately and I've told him about it, but he says he'll try to be better, but he just gets worse and always depends on me to make everything better, he wants me to drop everything just for him. Ughh... I may have left stuff out but whatever, you get the jist. What the heck should I do?!?!
  5. Koby, darling, I think it would be an excellent idea, BUT I think it may be a little unfair to us younger contributors. But the disclaimer idea is a very good one. I know AdultFanfiction has there's but like... I feel unsafe entering because I'm afraid of some third party bs. Believe me, I wouldn't be effected much. I've seen a lot of nasty stuff, I've ran the bases, I've gotten shit faced. And I love deep conversations and talking about concerns. Sometimes a problem a 30 year old is facing could be the same problem as a 13 year old, and you never know, the 13 year old could have found the answer. And as Mujklob said, maturity has nothing to do with age. I know a lot of idiots in my school who are as immature as 7th graders. Maybe just move and create topics in the +18 section but tell people to be mature, put up a disclaimer, and don't judge a person by their age. c: Not all +18 conversations are mature.
  6. Ray Ray


    My views on sex were always very strict. XD I always believed people should wait till marriage. Then I started dating my current boyfriend who was my best friend for 2 years prior. We had sex after 3 weeks of dating, but he was the only guy I would allow myself to have sex with. I love the kid, and I trust him more than anyone. First time was very awkward because we were both virgins, and had no clue what we were doing at all, but it was actually kind of funny. We had fun. We do have sex every once in a while but only if we are in the mood and that makes it a little more special. I don't get the people who have it with a lot of people and within a small time frame... Sex is held to highly in our society. I actually almost had it with an abusive boyfriend I had when I was 14. I'm so happy I didn't because it wouldn't have been special to me as it was with my boyfriend. People keep saying "how will I know when I find that special person?" "I just want to do it and see how it is" "why should I wait?" Seriously calm down. Be patient. I am glad I waited. I don't know if me and him will be together forever, but we love eachother and that's all that matters. I'm sure it's much better with that special someone than just some person. Personally I would feel jealous to have sex or just date with someone who wasn't a virgin. That's means they gave themself away to someone else and that's something they can never get back. A lot of girls at my school have done it with numerous people... I don't know.. I just guess I wouldn't be happy that way... Oh and do not have sex without a condom or the pill, especially if you are my age. Condoms have to be one of the worst things ever (they feel like you are wearing a garbage back and someone if giving you a back massage), but you NEVER want to have a pregnancy scare. I've had that about 5 times and it's not fun. Once I even had morning sickness (it was caused by a medication I was on, but I didn't know), and it's so agonizing and just not worth it. So you mean like.. 7th and 8th graders? I don't think they are responsible enough to start having sex. Don't get me wrong, some of them are mature, but in this day and age that's hard to come across. Plus shouldn't sex be saved for more serious relationships? Especially if something goes wrong, they are just kids.
  7. Ray Ray


    Welcome back to Forgotten Memories. We look forward to your contribution to discussion! [:
  8. I've restarted my file on Starfox Adventures. I need a new gamecube controller, because my C stick doesn't work and I actually use it for this game. D: It stopped working in the middle of a fight and I had to retreat, they handed my ass to me. Ugh, I have the demo for that game. It reminded me too much of Pokemon. o.o Every few steps, *annoying music* BATTLE!!! D:
  9. I have no clue at all what I am getting for my birthday. I love surprises though so it should be fun. c: Last Christmas my grandpa gave me rubber duckies? o.O It was an awkward present. Pshh you see how well everyone follows that law. Some places here let you as long as you have a ride home, but if I drink it's with family or friends. And The Welsh Paddy obviously lives in Ireland which the drinking age is 18, I am pretty sure. Which I think is much smarter than making it 21. It leads to a lot of binge drinking and fatal accidents.
  10. Happy Birthday to everyone with January birthdays!! Today was my boyfriend's birfday. c:
  11. Actually no, my comment for racism wasn't toward this topic, BUT people on the internet, I saw, were being racist about that. I swear, people sicken me.
  12. Ray Ray


    You sound like you're trying way too hard, which isn't cute. Gets annoying real fast. But never-the-less, welcome.
  13. Me and my Japanese hubby (seriously this man gives the best hugs) http://a259.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/60/l_71badae82993c76507165a2718951a0a.jpg Don't ask.. http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/120/l_5f2d92203b082e522efbe6d9cce0cc6a.jpg Totally unnattractive but whatever http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/96/l_cc64e8b0419939c887e9b9da5bda705e.jpg Pretty garden.. I'm not in the picture but I still like it. C: http://a639.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/125/l_473ec411b37054910e341d89edddc8ae.jpg I see some resemblance, which is good. You wouldn't wanna look like my ex though, he's a mrlk;jt$%^#$^%.. ^^
  14. That's cute. I get chain e-mails... or I don't even know what is... but it's trying to sell me viagra. o.e "Gain 5 inches!!" 5 inches to what? I don't have one of those! D: But I wouldn't mind vodka and chocolate. :]
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