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Wabbit Season


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Just thought I would say hi and let everyone know the party can start now :P Been a member here for a while, and known Koby as well, but as is normal for me I register and then totally forget what sites I have posted on XD . Anyways, I am an anime freak and own the site Anime-Anarchy.com which I actually started as a way to kill boredom 2 years ago. Had to find something to do cause I am laid out with a screwed up neck.

Ah, well, that's enough to bore everyone for now. Look forward to taking part in this site.

I am far too left-brained to ever even consider entering any gfx contest. I wouldn't want you guys to go insane looking at whatever I would produce XD . I spend a hell of a lot of time coding my site so that keeps me busy and when I have downtime I might do some gfx, but pretty much it is doing extractions and that's it. I might consider the rp though. But, I have to read what it involves first cause as I said I am a bit overly obsessed with coding AA .

I appreciate all the welcomes and look forward to taking part and helping with whatever I can.....

Have a good 1


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Welcome to the Forums!

It's nice to meet you too. Hope you find something you enjoy. If you want to Rp or want to learn come take a peak inside Alexandria Inn.

Come check out our current Roleplay games, Agarsia, Incendia Mystery and BSE.

Any questions, feel free to ask. 5 regular posts not inculding SeeD and Forum games to get into the Download section. Please try not to spam.

Were all friendly and here to help.

Empathy, Rp staff.

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