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Fall 2018 Anime Season


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🍂Fall Anime 2018 🍂

AniChart | MAL Chart | AniDB Chart


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Sentai still hasn't confirmed any dubcasts, while FUNimation has confirmed only a few shows so far.


My Personal Fall Watch List is currently as follows:



Definite Pick-ups:

Possible Pick-ups (Pending Impressions on first couple episodes):


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Goblin Slayer has been being hyped of as some sort of fantasy hybrid Re:Zero and Berserk mix. Berserk because of all the grimdark torture & rape stuff and Re:Zero because WhiteFox and feels. Probably the most hyped up show of the season and definitely the one I see everyone talking about in IRC and such. The show looks like a perfect match for my tastes both in premise, setting, and art-wise. I'm sure WhiteFox, one of my top 2 current anime studios won't let me down!

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45 minutes ago, Topken said:

I'll take a look at Goblin Slayer episode 1 subbed and see how it goes. I have seen all of Overlord subbed at this point and its the only series I have been able to watch recently subbed. I was able to do MAR subbed for example

SmugCat is doing fansubs for Goblin Slayer, and LostYears is doing a dual-audio release using their video and subs. 😃

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