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  1. Both of these are favorites for me. I plan to rewatch Revolutionary Girl Utena soon especially since I'm watching Ikuhara's current show, Sarazanmai. I plan on buying the recently released Blu-ray of Perfect Blue and revisiting that one too.
  2. There's just no way I will be able to watch everything I have and certainly not everything that looks interesting to me. What I can do is try to figure out what I will enjoy the most and what will be worth my time.
  3. I was wary of this show from the initial trailers but I ended up enjoying the first season. I am looking forward to Season 2 with Superboy, Deathstroke, and more of Jason Todd.
  4. I think streaming services are becoming the new cable TV and it's going to be interesting to see how many the market will support. We've already seen some services fall like Drama Fever and Film Struck and I bet some more smaller services fall as the studios get into it.
  5. I am happy to see him get away from comic book adaptations and back to the visceral thrills that made Hollywood throw money at him in the first place. I hope the script is up to snuff, though. I would hate to have another one of his movies where the action and visuals are great but you want to throw things at the screen whenever anyone talks.
  6. Has anyone checked out the new season of Young Justice which recently finished its first half? No spoilers (yet, anyway) but I have enjoyed it so far. It's really interesting to me that the show is now fully in PG-13 territory as it is way more violent than it could've ever been on Cartoon Network. The new characters are hit-or-miss as always and they have barely showed characters like Kaldur or many of the season 2 newbies so far. I do also like that there is enough breathing room for a little humor again (episode 12's Teen Titans Go parody was something else). For those of you outside the US I hope the show hits Netflix soon the way Titans did.
  7. I have to join the chorus of Regular Show fans. I can't say it's my all-time favorite of this decade (I shy away from calling anything an all-time favorite) but it's one of my favorites. I would also include Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Young Justice, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and Thundercats 2011.
  8. The idea I most remember people saying for a potential new Mighty Ducks movie had one of the kids from the original having to coach a new generation of kids (Joshua Jackson's character for instance). They still could do that for this version, although I wouldn't be surprised if it's an actual reboot instead.
  9. I don't usually watch long stuff on a tablet (no movies) but I really like watching stuff like TV shows and anime on them. Also, they are my preferred way of reading digital comics. I hate that tablets are dying although 2-in-1s are a close subsititue. I have a Chromebook 2-in-1 that I like using to watch stuff on now too. Also, I have the Shield Tablet (which remarkably still works after more than 3 years) and I would absolutely love an update of it with maybe the same chipset as in the Shield TV.
  10. I'm currently watching: Tsurune Run With The Wind Double Decker SSSS Gridman Space Battleship Tiramisu S2 Skullface Bookseller Honda-san
  11. I loved the fact that the characters actually matured over the course of the show. Rigby at the end of Regular Show is actually a better person than he was at the beginning of the series.
  12. The first anime I really remember watching was the movies SyFy (back when it was Sci-Fi Channel) would show on Saturday mornings. There was also a "Japanimation" block that a local channel showed on Saturday nights. That's how I first saw stuff like Akira, Roujin-Z, Wicked City, Demon City Shinjuku, Robot Carnival, and Iria: The Zeiram Animation.
  13. I somehow missed this but El Rey Network is now showing the 1990's Biker Mice From Mars animated show on Saturday mornings. It premiered on October 6th and will be airing in a two hour block every Saturday from 6-8 am ET. I'm pretty sure this is the first time the original show has aired in America since its original run so I am looking forward to checking it out again.
  14. I was interested in this movie the moment I heard about it but the teaser and the most recent trailer really have me hooked. This looks like it could be something really special and if it's a hit, it could be a game changer.
  15. Whether it's a romantic comedy or a drama, shoujo/josei or shounen/seinen, what's your favorite anime with romantic elements? My personal favorites include Ore Monogatari, Tsuki ga Kirei, Say I Love You, and some old-school faves like Fruits Basket.
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