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  1. Alice from American McGee's Alice and Madness Returns. I also like Shiek in Hyrule Warriors and Smash Brothers.
  2. As long as I don't get kicked out... this is my go to place for quality uploads.
  3. If $80K could just fall into my lap free of charge and strings that would be great. *rubs temples while looking at finances*
  4. GKIDS announcement that they are reissuing the Studio Ghibli films and being vague on what dubs they will contain is so confusing.  "Pre-Disney" in one sentence, and "What you're used to" (when someone asked if it would be Disney) in another.


    My digital copies have both Streamline and Disney audio, as well as the UK version for Arrietty. I own the Disney copies of a few Studio Ghibli Blurays. I just want to know what the differences are going to be and if my wallet is going to take a dent come my birthday month. 


    Guess I'll have to wait for more information to be provided before release. 

    1. Hark0n


      What do you have for Castle in the Sky? From what I gather it has 5 different English tracks:

      • Streamline (1989)
      • Disney (1998)
      • Disney (2003) full-orchestra re-score with additional dialogue and new sound effects
      • Disney (2003) full-orchestra re-score
      • Disney (2010) some additional dialogue and some new sound effects


      I think I have 3 of these, but I am not sure (have not verified).

    2. Pizza Cat

      Pizza Cat

      It says "Tokuma Shoten" for the first english audio and just Disney 5.1 for the second. Sorry I can't help you more. The copies I have (that I'm actually looking to possibly replace digitally) were from NoobSubs that I downloaded from KickassTorrents when it was alive - and I didn't know about Kametsu. They are 720p and 8bit. 

    3. Hark0n


      No problem, just thought maybe you had lossless version of 2003 Disney track (any of them), as I only have it lossy. I might still be able to get it from BluDragon, but that is ~40GB just to get one audio track.

  5. I need to stop downloading anime until I finish up what's in my queue. My harddrive only has 100GB left...


    Okay, I just need a bigger hard


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    2. EljayFlintok


      I say stop complaining! ;):P

    3. Koby


      100GB is enough for about 4 12-episode series. =)

    4. DabDeity710


      @Koby unless it's Hellsing UltimatexD

  6. I really want to see this one.
  7. Overwatch - I'm really glad Blizzard gave me a refund. Bravely Default - it seems interesting, but the battle mechanics are just asinine to me.
  8. Amazon UK shows A Silent Voice Bluray as having dubbed option to release December 18, 2017.
  9. Originally I was going to comment and ask if this was the Korean film people were saying was "just like Spirited Away", but then I googled it and realized it was Lost in the Moonlight . This film looks promising. I look forward to seeing it.
  10. I tried to watch episode one and within the first 10 minutes I just couldn't get into it. I might give it a go at a later date, maybe try subtitled instead of dubbed, but does it get better? I was just bored.
  11. You will also need Sanrio Boys.
  12. The US Netflix trailer just came out as well. It's only slightly different in the beginning.
  13. Here's the trailer - supposed to be out July 7th for Latina Netflix.
  14.  I think I'm going to just wait until someone puts a release for "A Silent Voice" up on Kametsu. I don't trust other sources. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?! *leery eyes*

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    2. Pizza Cat

      Pizza Cat

      I'm not sure what everyone's opinion of HorribleSubs is, but they have a subtitle version of of the film. 

    3. Catar


      There's no opinion to be had of HS. They just rip straight from the source. Unless they screw up their rip somehow (very rare), there's really nothing to comment about HS itself. It's a useful service and that's all.

    4. Pizza Cat

      Pizza Cat

      Apparently someone posted a 720p version of the film here as well and I never noticed.