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MPV Made Easy (Moodkiller Edition)

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Other than that what's the advantages this media Player over Media Player Classic Home Cinema?


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On 2/4/2019 at 5:42 AM, Beave said:

Other than that what's the advantages this media Player over Media Player Classic Home Cinema?


None, afaik. Aside from being highly scriptable using Lua or some other equivalent scripting language, there really is no big advantage of using MPV over MPC-HC. Also, I don't think using MPC-HC after the project's demise poses any real problems as it can still play everything I throw at it. Heck, my setup of MPC-HC+madVR+SVP is still going strong till date and I got zero problems with it. Those who are concerned with security can use MPC-BE which is still being actively developed.

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      Synopsis: I have forever been in search of gui for xdelta for patch making. After trying out 3 or 4 different ones, I stumbled across this one from a 3 year old github repo. Of course with it being this old, there were some features and functionality missing, not to mention it was using an outdated xdelta3 package. From this, xdelta3 GUI 2.0 was born.
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      • Seen as this was brought up, to solve the high RAM usage, just remove "-B 1073741824" from the arguments section. The risk is that you may end up with a larger than required .vcdiff file especially if just patching fonts or 1 audio track. 

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