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  1. Watched the first 5 subbed, and loved it so far. Can't wait for more.
  2. If you like 2 dudes going at it. SURE.
  3. WOW. You jumped straight into the deep end of the pervert pool. Just pulled the hentai nuke outta your deck O cards, eh?
  4. Well, I shoulld be free this weekend....so....SYMPHOGEAR!!!
  5. Shameless advertisement! I love it!!
  6. [Request] Maria Holic/Alive BD 1080p

    I third this request.
  7. What. The. Hell. Gotta check it out.
  8. The best web browser on windows operating systems

    Chrome FTW! I have this turned on in chrome: So, it can eat up all the memory it wants and loads faster. It loads waaaay faster than firefox for me anyway.
  9. Yay. I get to see more people get horribly murdered in a fantasy setting, usually because of their own stupidity.
  10. w00t! Loved the first season, and I am gonna start watching the second one soon.
  11. I kinda like the new character, Nina. But, yeah Favaro for the win!!
  12. Watched this subbed and it was great. Hopefully the dub will make it even better.