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  1. Pollux

    Free Games Megathread

    Woo! Thanks that worked.
  2. Pollux

    Free Games Megathread

    Origin will only let me purchase as a gift, even thought I don't own it.
  3. Pollux

    Grand Theft Auto V (5) / GTA Online

    Oh hells yes. I need dat sweet sweet $$.
  4. Wow that is dumb, glad I already own it.
  5. Pollux

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Thank You Fanatical! Nice discount and I now have completed my collection.
  6. Pollux

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Just got Earthlock on steam! I blame @Koby's review. LOL! Oh and the massive discount too....
  7. Great post, thanks for all this info.
  8. Pollux


    Voter Fraud!
  9. I might have to try this one out. I had no clue about it, thanks for the info @Koby.
  10. Pollux

    Free Games Megathread

    Free Game on Humble Store right now via Steam. GUNS OF ICARUS ALLIANCE
  11. Freaking love this series, can't wait for the movie.
  12. Pollux

    Free Games Megathread

    Free Game on Humble store via steam. SHADOWRUN RETURNS DELUXE
  13. Pollux

    Free Games Megathread

    lol. Yeah the first one, but the other doom one should work unless you have it. damn. I edited the first one outta the post.