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  1. WOW. You jumped straight into the deep end of the pervert pool. Just pulled the hentai nuke outta your deck O cards, eh?
  2. Well, I shoulld be free this weekend....so....SYMPHOGEAR!!!
  3. Shameless advertisement! I love it!!
  4. I third this request.
  5. What. The. Hell. Gotta check it out.
  6. Chrome FTW! I have this turned on in chrome: So, it can eat up all the memory it wants and loads faster. It loads waaaay faster than firefox for me anyway.
  7. Yay. I get to see more people get horribly murdered in a fantasy setting, usually because of their own stupidity.
  8. w00t! Loved the first season, and I am gonna start watching the second one soon.
  9. I kinda like the new character, Nina. But, yeah Favaro for the win!!
  10. Watched this subbed and it was great. Hopefully the dub will make it even better.
  11. Yay! for more GITS Anime. Boo for the live-action movie adaptation.
  12. Yep, I will be checking this out. Magic/witch related anime FTW!