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  1. I pay people to carry and move my stuff. I just do the packing and unpacking which i quite enjoy in a cathartic way.
  2. I have always found these to be incredibly useful when coming up with build ideas and choices: http://www.logicalincrements.com/ https://au.pcpartpicker.com/ https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/rmp_sg_whirlpoolpcs_gaming_configs_1 Also just give us your exact budget to make life easier. Also, we need to know what you want to use the PC for; VR gaming, 4k gaming, 1080p gaming, light gaming with video editing focus.... etc etc. As that plays a very large role in what parts are recommended.
  3. A couple days of warm sun now. Looks like winter is coming to an end. Have started my beach body, come mardi gras diet. Looking forward to a fun summer!!
  4. Does the abridged series count as its own arc? If not that, then I cannot recall which arc as the most enjoyable the first time I watched it. However, there was certainly some exciting moments in the shadow realm arc. A more recent, albeit still many years ago, rewatch led me to believe it is also pretty much the same mundane drivel.
  5. I am in the process of watching gineiden remake so will know after that. FranXX was decent but the ending took a strange turn which left a lot to be wanting. Hinamatsuri was a pleasant surprise. Golden Kamuy was decent too but, being not finishes it also left me wanting. Shokugeki is Shokugeki, it is basically a guilty pleasure. Hahaha. Eureka Seven is a great parallel to draw!
  6. I prefer digital. I dislike the clutter of owning thousands of cases that i find aesthetically displeasing. Even fancy boxsets. Does not suit my sense of style. Also is a pain in the arse when moving. Digital copies are far more convenient. When I moved to Japan a few year ago, I gave way a bookshelf worth of anime on Reddit because I just did not want to deal with it.
  7. Ahhh. I should have taken up my professor on that gig when a finished my Masters. I wonder if it is too late. However, I thought the money was shitter. Probably depends on the uni!
  8. I just got a redundancy for my second job. So all finished in mid August with that. What is your second job!?! I need to find something like that. Forklift driver, construction crane operator?!?! Would gladly assist but pretty sure you are in the wrong State. We are a State specific ombudsman scheme!
  9. So busy! I work of an Ombudsman at the moment , and have a second job too. often doing 70hr weeks. Keeps me busy but, want to try and get close to 100k in savings an start thinking of buying a house. Will probably drop the second job end of the year though. Working so much is not good long term! Been going back to Japan every year since living there. Having a Japanese girlfriend doesn't help. Travel, eating and drinking out all the time makes saving hard hahaha. So little time for games and anime. Lucky my second job is chill and I get time to watch there! How about yourself.
  10. There is a certain je nes sais quoi to the tactile experience of reading a real book.
  11. I watched Astro Boy and other classics as a very young kid. Violent 80's anime thanks to friend's older brothers. Pokemon and Dragon Ball during school. Cult films and sci-fi anime thanks to my parents when growing up.
  12. Haha yeah they would. People openly hold heinous views and perform heinous acts with no regard to socials norms. Sites like that would be less popular but they would surely exist. Lack of anonymity is not a deterrent for some.
  13. Books are a pain in the arse when it comes to moving though. So many boxes...
  14. I find this to be bit of a false dichotomy. Forced to choose, I will pick PC. However, I love my split screen gaming with friends.
  15. I have yet to start it. Will see if I can wait until it is finished, preferring to binge. At the moment I am catching up on Nanatsu no Taizai as it is almost over.
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