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Found 3 results

  1. xdelta3 GUI 2.0 Synopsis: I have forever been in search of gui for xdelta for patch making. After trying out 3 or 4 different ones, I stumbled across this one from a 3 year old github repo. Of course with it being this old, there were some features and functionality missing, not to mention it was using an outdated xdelta3 package. From this, xdelta3 GUI 2.0 was born. Status: COMPLETE (always a work in progress) File Host: Mega, github Affiliated Groups: Jordi Vemeulen (original creator), Moodkiller (modifier,updater) File Size: ~1MB File Extension: .exe Changelog: Changelog includes: v2.0.8 Fixed 3.Apply Patch-Windows.bat creation to look in correct directory for xdelta3 executable. TO ADD ---------- • Make GUI dragable while patch making is running. • Create scripts to run on Apple OS. • Change icon in menu bar. • xdelta3 source wildcard (so that any new version of xdelta can be placed in the root folder). • drag and drop functionality. • Add a new option where one could specify what patch extension they would like. • Fix .zip making - currently makes an empty .zip fle. • Use one CMD window when making patches for more than 1 file. • Add @pause to patch making CMD and .bat application CMD. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, otherwise I hope you all find a use for this. Credit goes to all those who helped on IRC with their respective inputs, namely @CaptainJet, @Koby, @Etzimal, @JohnFlower and @SakuraChan Screenshots File Hosts: Current version: 2.0.8 xdelta3 GUI 2.0 - Mega | md5sum: ffb799191d16da8d16591bb22a0e115f | VirusTotal Results xdelta3 GUI 2.0 - Github Notes: • Seen as this was brought up, to solve the high RAM usage, just remove "-B 1073741824" from the arguments section. The risk is that you may end up with a larger than required .vcdiff file especially if just patching fonts or 1 audio track.
  2. checkum has piqued my interest in it. Like why do that? I've been just taking video and audio and synching together. Why does vivid have this xdelta3 thing?
  3. Is there a way to create just an audio patch (v2) for an mkv file? I am wanting to replace only the dub audio track within one of my releases, however when I create a patch file with xdelta (as described excellently here) the file comes to about half the size of the original (~300MB). I am a little concerned at that as the audio track on its own is only about 150MB at its largest (.mka demuxed with mkvmerge). Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Here is the original file (v1) : http://billionuploads.com/jc1siouompri And here is the .mka audio file that I want to patch into the original : http://billionuploads.com/hs1qp4agqtdr Solution: PS C:\Users\flower\Desktop\xdelta> ./xdelta3-3.0.8.x86-64.exe -9 -I 0 -W 16777216 -B 134217728 -v2 -e -s ../"[MK] Attack on Titan - 02 That Day, The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 2 [720p] [Hi10] [CCE58B12]_Track00.mkv" ../"[MK] Attack on Titan - 02v2 Th at Day, The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 2 [720p] [Hi10] [8ACECBBA]_Track00.mkv" patch.xdelta Thank you JohnFlower! I had to change your code a bit to suite CMD in windows but eventually managed to it work and now I understand it! This is my final code that made the patch.xdelta file: xdelta.exe -9 -I 0 -W 16777216 -B 134217728 -v2 -e -s "[MK] Attack on Titan - 02 That Day, The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 2 [720p] [Hi10] [CCE58B12].mkv" "[MK] Attack on Titan - 02v2 That Day, The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 2 [720p] [Hi10] [8ACECBBA].mkv" patch.xdeltaAnd this is the final code that patches it: xdelta.exe -d -s "[MK] Attack on Titan - 02 That Day, The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 2 [720p] [Hi10] [CCE58B12].mkv" "patch.xdelta" "[MK] Attack on Titan - 02v2 That Day, The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 2 [720p] [Hi10] [8ACECBBA].mkv"Thank you very much once again http://forums.kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/41399-xdelta-audio-patch-creation-help/?p=366372
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