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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory




Nine months have passed since teen soldier Sousuke Sagara first became Kaname Chidori's covert protector. In that time, Mithril has been remarkably successful at thwarting Amalgam's efforts, but this has only made Amalgam more determined. Leonard Testarossa's visits with Tessa and Kaname are just preludes to all-out attacks that begin with global communications disruptions. Kaname's status as a Whispered makes her one of Amalgam's main targets, which means that any semblance of a peaceful life at Jindai Municipal High School is now over for her.

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Someone on the MAL board jotted down bullet points roughly of what took place with the previous series in case anyone needed a quick brief recap since it's been like 12 years since the last season aired.



Super condensed summary with little detail, off the top of my head. It's been a long time!

  • Chidori and Sousuke struggle with their "relationship".
  • Some dude faps to kittens. I'm not kidding.
  • Sousuke gets taken off Chidori's body guard detail.
  • Both Chidori and Sousuke realize how much they miss and mean to each other.
  • Thesa's brother appears and kisses Chidori (because plot).
  • Some bad shit happens with the kitten fapper and some hot twins.
  • Sousuke finds Gauron's leftovers (thought he was dead), and he is told that Chidori is dead.
  • Sousuke ends up wondering around in China(?) after walking away from a mission.
  • Chidori finds Sousuke (because plot).
  • She kicks his ass (because comedy).
  • Sousuke gets reassigned to Chidori and they ride the train into the sunset, literally.
  • Thesa "dreamwalks" and get naughty with Sousuke, but since its Sousuke nothing happens (because... idk why)


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