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  1. This whole thing is rather sickening.. and I'm not talking about his actions. Just watch a video to see how this guy is.. Leave the guy alone. Generation snowflake needs to chill TF out. None of this was meant to be in any way sexual. This society disappoints me on a scale that's hard to express. Of all the things that should be getting news in the world..
  2. OML, back and looking better than ever.

  3. Ryrynz

    Recent Anime Purchases?

    I wish I could stop myself saying the x part in my head.
  4. Ryrynz

    Does FLAC matter?

    Need high end equipment and great ears to hear any sort of difference between FLAC and about 256Kbps AAC / 320 Kbps MP3. If FLAC is only about twice data rate that then might as well have the best.
  5. I'll definitely be checking out shokugeki no soma AKA Food Wars!. I'm watching Shingeki no Kyojin S3 and quite liking it so far, though there's little Titan stuff going on right now, the shock factor of them has died off so no big deal.. Previously it was Overlord, saw S1 earlier int he year, waited for S3 to finish and did S2 and S3 back to back, I do wish it was a bit darker.. but it's one of my fave animes of the year, I just like the story so much. After that I think I'll check out Berserk 2016 or Devilman Crybaby, also got a wonderful encode of Claymore from Kametu too. It so is! Mob Psycho 100 is kinda must watch viewing alongside it.. Also Watch MHA if you haven't already. Really? Dude I really enjoyed both seasons, the first more than the second.. IDK about :Re tho I've heard it's average as but I'll watch it and it's second season anyway because I like the characters and their struggles.
  6. Ryrynz


    Guess I'm watching Wolf's Rain before this then..
  7. Ryrynz

    Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

    That's good to hear, I thought there might be lots more goofing off.
  8. Ryrynz

    Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

    Good series, I just wish it was a bit more serious, I'm pretty sure that was more the case with S1..
  9. Christopher Sabat wins as the voice of All Might.

    1. Inverti


      Yeah! It's almost like the character is created specifically for him to voice.

  10. Liked the anime, will watch it asap when it's encoded n released on here.
  11. Didn't actually think this would happen when I watched this like a couple of years ago, went straight into the Japanese second season after the first dubbed one and it was kinda painful to watch.
  12. Bro, season 9 of Naruto, any ETA? You sorted your uploading issues yet? need more episodes!

  13. Hey bud, got an ETA on Shippuden 178-196

  14. Nobody really knows at this stage.
  15. Ryrynz

    Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden

    I'll watch them all regardless, at #89 ATM.