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  1. Hayato

    Status Quo

    I'm just happy to see Kametsu is up again. Thanks for everything the staff has done to ensure the community continues on.
  2. Hot damn I agree with the sentiments of everyone in this thread. This season is a mess of Tokyo Ghoul:re proportions. Guess I'm done with the series. I'll give the Accelerator series a chance though. If that bombs, the franchise is over in my book.
  3. Hayato

    Free Games Megathread

    Thanks for tha hookup Xykan.
  4. It's peanut butter jelly time!

    1. Saf


      with a baseball bat.

  5. Hayato

    Dellow Felegates

    Powdy Hartner. Welcome to Kametsu, home of worldwide toons.
  6. Hayato


    It's always disappointing to see how little people tend to involve themselves in the community given the size of the community. Every season these polls are lucky to see 100-150 votes within the three weeks it's ran despite literally thousands of people viewing the site daily. Every time I visit there is roughly 60 users listed online and even more guests. It's also shocking to see trigger-trash leading the poll, but I suppose it's understandable given most of the big shots that would've cinched the season couldn't be renominated since they'd previously won.
  7. Hayato

    Does FLAC matter?

    I won't download an anime Blu-ray release without FLAC. Lucky for me Kametsu uploaders seem to share that sentiment. I find such excellent releases by a lot of users here. Shame live-action encoders often use AC3 rather than maintaining a lossless audio track. Though with the arrival of Atmos, I've seen a rise of high grade audio releases.
  8. Hayato

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    I feel like the series has done better job this arc than the movie did. The filler added actually worked for the betterment of the show in my opinion. I admit that the Chuunin exam was a wash though, I suppose we'll never get one as good as the original exam in Naruto that lasted a whole year worth of episodes.
  9. As expected, Meliodas didn't stay dead. Apparently he's cursed to always be revived with a part of him devoured each time, so he soft reboots to his former-self. Whole season was basically build up to the final showdown with the Ten Commandments only for it to end without a bang. Ended up being very disappointed with the season finale despite being hyped every week to watch the next episode. Half of the Commandments survived and will be around next season. I suppose that isn't actually a bad thing considering who else could they possibly come up with to top them and keep things interesting? But even they pose no threat anymore with Meliodas having more than 2x their raw power.
  10. Hayato

    Golden Kamuy

    Seems to have lost it's way midway, but the characters definitely keep things interesting. Anticipating the second season this fall.
  11. Hayato

    Summer 2018 Anime Season

    They still haven't announced when the dubs will begin this season. Fansubs need to save Jaeger. Summer season looks epic. Lots of Isekai as usual with the added bonus of plenty of sequels to excellent series.
  12. The compilation movies have more content that connects each segment together and feels more complete. Only reason to watch the season set is if you can't wait. The compilation is also the only way it's released on Blu-ray and the only way it's dubbed.
  13. Hayato

    Steins;Gate 0

    Normally I hate anime-original content, but the small additions they've added here or there really help build the scene and add to the overall feel of this show. Loving it so far, but I ended up not being able to wait for the dub so I've been watching it in Japanese.
  14. Hayato

    Tokyo Ghoul:re

    The time gap and changes between Root A's anime-original ending and where :Re picks up left me utterly confused. After three episodes it didn't get any better and I wasn't interested in any of the new characters so I dropped the show. Guess I'm done with any future Tokyo Ghoul installments unless they reboot the franchise so that it makes sense to anime-only viewers.
  15. OH MAH GAWD! Episode 20 was bad ass. How many of you actually believe that Meliodas is actually dead though? I always have a hard time believing shounen is willing to actually kill of any important character for good, much less the main character.