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  1. Alright. That's understandable.
  2. Hardsubs is outdated technology, and without the option to turn them off, they're just going to get in the way when they're permanently plastered at the bottom of your screen. Softsubs can be turned off, so it is especially useful for viewers that are wanting to switch audio tracks at anytime. As I am an avid screencapper, I cannot ever condone hardsubs. Ever.
  3. Go on Animetosho.org and search for "Classroom of the Elite dub". There's tons of high quality dubbed copies up there that are directly ripped from Funimation's website. The same could be said for other simuldubs. Those types of files are the easiest to hunt down.
  4. Alright. Please let me know when you get the full size encodes up. Probably should create a thread for others wanting to see Fighting Foodons in DVD format as well.
  5. @Badguys Have you ever gotten around to making DVDrips for this series?
  6. @Badguys Well, I sent the money to @Arian'sPaypal so that he could help me get the entire series from iTunes, but I haven't heard anything from him lately. I don't mind if he's busy or experiencing some technical difficulties, but it would be nice if he could at least let me know whether or not there's anything going on from his end that might resulting in a delay in ripping.
  7. Well, aren't you an oddball - c/ped the entire Exiled Destiny tut for an introductory post.
  8. teen titans go!

    The fact that this idiot keeps liking posts that addresses him as an idiot proves that he's quite the troll (also doesn't help that he types horribly). This isn't the first time that members have posted content in the wrong section already, so I do suggest that the staff implement a restriction that only allows Project Crew members to post topics in this section. We can't assume that everyone here is capable of reading/comprehending simple rules.
  9. That was obviously sarcasm that went over your head.
  10. teen titans go!

    So self-deprecation is a good option? Since when? @NeutralHatred is right about you all along. (sigh)
  11. teen titans go!

    Is there a way to set restrictions so that only Project Staff could post topics here, in this particular section?
  12. I'm always for more anime titles getting dubbed, but I couldn't care less about the live action crap.
  13. Good news - a kind soul has sent me his Paypal info, so we can make this happen very soon.
  14. Get ready for another season of total cast annihilation.