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  1. Inverti


    Wrong. Radiant IS animated by Japanese people. Specifically, it's animated by Lerche. The original work is a French comic book.
  2. And this is EXACTLY why I don't play online games.
  3. Someone just ripped the 9anime video and audio and then tried to pass that off as a release..... What a joke.

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    2. Solaufein



      I'm pretty sure the consensus here is that the uploader's release is a complete joke.

      Please don't discount all the people silently shaking their heads and refusing to engage in this immature bullying when tallying your "consensus". Yes, it's a bad release for those of us with access to and the desire for better quality. It is not, however, a "joke" that warrants this type of behavior.

    3. Inverti


      Pointing out that a 9anime rip is bad is not bullying. Telling off someone that has no desire to improve is also not an instance of bullying. If there's any silent spectators in this discussion and they haven't made any opinions publicly, then it is safe to discount them. If you're not gonna make your opinion known, it's not gonna mean anything.


      At any rate, this discussion is completely pointless at this current moment. We all agree that 9anime is rubbish anyway, so I think we should stop talking in circles. There isn't much point to that.

    4. Solaufein


      And what exactly is your basis for assuming he has no desire to improve? His description was accurate and he recognized his own shortcomings. He clearly doesn't know where to find better sources or where to ask for help, and you were hostile and condescending from word 1. You could have pointed him in the right direction instead of just making him feel like shit for sharing his (admittedly bad) work for free.

  4. MCM, if you read the original post again carefully: Notice the slash? That means completed request threads should either be marked as fulfilled OR closed. It's up to the mod to determine which option is preferable. Also, members that continuously post the same request are likely to get whacked with a warning (if not a ban) along with their threads being deleted. Spamming has never been allowed on Kametsu.
  5. [APPLICATION WITHDRAWN] I would like to apply. As far as tedious stuff goes, leave it to me. I'm getting tired of people not knowing how to make proper requests too. As a member, I've filed numerous reports to help the administrative staff identify improperly made request threads as well as behavioral problems regarding other members. I'll do my best to help out if chosen; I have an abundance of free time, and I think helping out the community as a staff member is a productive way of spending it. Plus, I'd say I'm pretty well versed on Kametsu's site guidelines and protocol too. Additionally, I am also highly proficient in English, which is an element that I am confident that you are looking for in staff members as well.
  6. Serial Experiments Lain (SEL) isn't an intellectual show. It's a show that makes no sense whatsoever. If you watch an entire show and then you wonder "What the fuck did I just watch? It made no bloody sense!" you know you've watched a mindfuck. And I could say the same about FLCL (though its sequels seem to be better at delivering the show's messages). Seems like you are into those mindfuck shows, so there's Evangelion and Mawaru Penguindrum - you are likely gonna get into those too. Evangelion >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SEL to me, though. Probs because it has mecha elements as well, so even if the viewer can't grasp the psychological elements of it, they could still immerse themselves in the action portion of the show. I find overly abstract anime to be ridiculous - what's the point of making a show if most of your audience isn't gonna understand it, anyway? I could confidently tell you that Evangelion wouldn't have its own cult following if it wasn't a mecha show. Some of the messages it tried to deliver were easy to grasp, such as the harsh nature of humanity at its worst and ugliest. However, its other elements, such as its psychological mindfuckery? Not so much.
  7. Wonder if this will be considered for a simuldub. If so, hopefully that will give Funimation more incentive to dub the Date a Live movie.
  8. @RyanEsau Actually, both Conception and Hinomaru Sumo have been announced to be simuldubbed since Oct 4. Index S3 was the final show to be included on the Fall simuldub list.
  9. I just saw the UQ Holder Eng cast list, and I'm really, really disappointed. Why? Just why, Sentai? Brittney Karbowski should not be voicing as boys, LET ALONE TEENAGE BOYS. Brittney has a really feminine sounding voice, which makes her unfitting even for little boys. No, she cannot roughen it up. It's not within her range.


    And here I thought that Tota's JP voice was horrible. Yeah, knowing what Brittney sounds like effectively confirms that this dub will be unenjoyable at best. I cannot imagine Railgun's voice coming out of this dude. Is this the miscast of the year? May as well be.


    Sentai has seen improvement in their dubs in recent years, but I dare say this ruins it. Now Tota's gonna sound like a whiny, feminine little brat. Seriously, VAs like Bryson Baugus (Bell from Danmachi) or Blake Shepard (Akito from Air Gear) could have nailed Tota. 


    Image result for touta konoe


    EDIT: Here's the dubbed preview for anyone that's interested in hearing how Brittney completely and utterly butchered Tota.


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    2. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi


      Isn't 80% of the seiyuu cast from this anime female from the get go? 

    3. jhoopes517


      Finally watched the dub clip and now I wanna go roll in to a ball and cry. His voice annoys me so much.

    4. Inverti



      Isn't 80% of the seiyuu cast from this anime female from the get go?

      True, but it's really obvious that the male protag doesn't even sound like a 14 year old boy. That's my main beef. What's the point of having a harem if you're not even gonna sound like a dude? 

  10. I really hope Funimation fixes Seth's voice in Radiant. If they do, I'm definitely watching the simuldub. A female voice DOES NOT fit his design. He looks to be about 13-15. EDIT: I have especially high hopes for Radiant, because Sentai just fucked me over by forcing Railgun's voice onto Tota from UQ Holder.
  11. I bet Neutral Hatred will be over the moon once he learns of this. He's one of the biggest Raildex fans I know of. I'm happy too, of course. Now I know I won't have to wait a year just to watch it.
  12. If Bunny Girl Senpai were to get a dub, it wouldn't be handled by Funimation, but Aniplex. I think it may get dubbed seeing as Aniplex's been dubbing nicher titles in recent years. However, that won't happen soon. Probably 2019 if we're being optimistic. EDIT: Index S3 is confirmed to have a simuldub. Here's the source. Looks like Funimation truly was saving it for last. So, that's it for this simuldub season.
  13. It's an error. It was misleading of them to have posted the Bunny Girl anime on the simuldub list. Hopefully, they'll get it replaced with the correct title soon.
  14. Funimation is just simulcasting it. It's not getting simuldubbed. Though, if you have a source that suggests otherwise, link it here.
  15. Is Index S3 joining this simuldub season? It's hard to say. Currently, Funimation has erroneously listed the Bunny Girl anime on their simuldub page. Even if Index S3 doesn't get simuldubbed this season, I'm still hoping for it to eventually get dubbed.
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