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  1. Inverti

    RE:ZERO - Starting Life In Another World

    A Re Zero S2 would be nice. Also, on the subject of Puzzle and Dragons, we still don't know if the dub is coming back.
  2. Inverti

    Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

    I really love the fact that Funimation got most of the primary Eng cast back for the new season. I've always preferred FMP in Eng over the Japanese. Like, dear god, Shinji's voice is awful in JP (Mamiko Noto should never be cast as male characters ever with her airy high pitched voice).
  3. I seriously cannot wait to watch the entire series dubbed.
  4. Inverti

    Naruto Kai DUBBED

    Yeah, if you don't want any filler, go do your research. Also, you're in the wrong section.
  5. Inverti

    Will They Remake Air Gear

    Reboot or direct sequel, I don't really care. If they do, cool. If they don't, whatever. I've got plenty of other anime to watch.
  6. Inverti

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    I think it's either a mental problem, or an extremely rare case of EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome). However, if you are exposed to wifi signals for long periods of time, and you don't feel anything, then that means you're fine. That's like, the majority of humanity. EHS is rare to begin with, and since there's no way to scientifically prove it, it could be as Eccentric says - it's in their heads; a mental problem.
  7. Inverti

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    The fact that several of us are making fun of the OP for asking such a laughable question means that they haven't tried to verify the facts at all. You.... do get why we're teasing, right? Of course Wifi signals are harmful to us; so are mobile signals emitted from phones. Yup, definitely. Why don't you tell me some more? The question itself is so silly that it may as well be a meme altogether. Oh.... I get it now. The OP is a conspiracy theorist. It all makes sense now!
  8. Inverti

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    >Asks because of internet rumors (Seriously; how many rumors are actually true?) >Makes no attempt to uncover the truth for themselves (Google is your friend, remember?) Fantastic. What a lovely attitude to have.
  9. /sits here patiently as he awaits the dub to show up
  10. I might watch it depending on what style they are going with the animation.
  11. So now that we figured out how to rip from Hidive, who's gonna be in charge of ripping the Sentai simuldubs weekly?
  12. Has anyone figured out how to rip from Hidive yet? Golumpa has tried to do it, but doesn't wanna bother with it anymore. If the video itself cannot be extracted, maybe someone should cap the audio and sync it to an HD source?

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    2. Golumpa


      @DJHulp if you want you can use my account until it expires

    3. DJHulp


      I have send you a Private Message, let's see if we can crack this thing! ;) 

      No promises!

    4. DJHulp



      Thanks to @Golumpa Account.

  13. THIS is super disappointing. I'm glad that Sentai is setting up their own simuldub program now, but seriously, not even a single dub in July?? Geez. 


    If people wanted subs, they'd just watch fansubs. DUBS usually give people the extra incentive to place a purchase. 

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    2. monsieurcooler


      Sucks that they don't dub most of the shows they license. I don't think it would decrease or hurt their revenues in any way because I think most people will be willing to grab shows with dubs over subs alone.


      But hey at least Sword Oratoria is getting a dub in May like I wished for. But then again if it was FUNimation, I wouldn't even have a doubt there is gonna be a dub. Sentai's definitely improving, so there is hope.

    3. Koby


      I don't care about any of the shows on that list for July anyways, so doesn't matter to me if they have dubs. They may have decided there wasn't enough interest in the shows to spend the extra money dubbing it.

    4. Inverti


      I mean, let's face it. Sentai dubs a lot of niche shows. I haven't heard of more than 70% of their catalog until they've announced the license for them. Like what Monsieur said, I highly doubt that dubbing all those shows would have hurt them financially. Bear in mind - dubbing one episode costs around 6k. The licensing fee has already been paid, and for each anime, it costs around 100k. 


      THIS is why I frown every time I see a subbed only release. That's just freaking cheap, and it's unacceptable. I want more dubs!!!!

  14. Way too many to count. I'd love a Bleach anime finale, if anything.
    1. Inverti


      UPDATE 2: Check out the Eng cast list here. Has anyone played Persona 5? Yuki Mishima is now being upgraded to a protag.