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  1. Inverti

    Tokyo Ghoul:re

    I mean, I like Tokyo Ghoul's English cast, and that's reason enough for me to keep watching. I simply don't drop shows that I've started, and I'll keep tuning in for future seasons if studios keep producing them. I even liked S3 more than I did the previous seasons because I've been wanting to see Haise in an animated format for quite a while. I won't deny that I'm an unusual viewer because I always try not to find any reasons to dislike something. Only a small amount of shows made it seem like a chore to go through. I personally don't believe TG S3 is one of them. Just to further establish my point - I don't get all the hate for the critically panned series, Handshakers. Usually, I find myself enjoying shows that are supposedly not good due to the voicework. I'd go for just about any HD animated show nowadays as long as the character designs aren't like Pop Team Epic.
  2. Inverti

    Tokyo Ghoul:re

    Yet, the execution seems to be fine judging from all three current seasons I've watched. I can't wait for S3 Cour 2.
  3. Inverti

    Tokyo Ghoul:re

    Except it doesn't have to be complicated. Ken lost to Kisho, was captured by the CCC, the CCC ran tests on him and managed to utilize ghoul technology on their members, creating a new force known as Quinxes. And as we established before, as of Re, Ken now goes by the name of Haise due to "memory loss". Retconning won't be necessary, and that's hardly Pierrot's focus at the moment, either. Though, I doubt that matters to you since you don't even like Re.
  4. Inverti

    Tokyo Ghoul:re

    Ken Kaneki = Haise Sasaki It's not hard to follow as long as you are aware of that fact, and the fact that he lost to Kisho Arima at the end of S2, which subsequently led to his memory loss (or more accurately, the Ken side of him was suppressed). Not sure why there's people complaining that they're confused when I could follow along perfectly despite having only watched the anime.
  5. Pardon me, but I'm afraid y'all have no idea what the heck you're talking about. The new Shera series looks NOTHING like Calarts. If anything, it resembles an anime, like the new Voltron series. And we're panning the series before we even got to see a trailer? Come on, guys. This is ridiculous. ^ Just a reminder of what Calarts is. If you think Shera is Calarts styled, I can tell you for a fact that you are wrong. Now, let's take a look at some actual Shera visuals, along with Voltron. Clearly, Shera resembles Voltron more than it does Calarts; in fact, Shera does not even incorporate a bit of Calarts. So in the future, before y'all go slapping tags and accusations on something, you should look up the terminology first. Sure, there's toxic people in every fandom, but fan support plays a huge factor in continuations of a series. What you're saying is basically "screw all the fans", which I strongly disagree with. Don't group everyone as bad just because there's a few individuals here and there that are trying to ruin everyone else's fun. While I'm not saying that animation studios should cave in to every fan's whim, fans do matter, and that is an undeniable fact. Also, one last thing, Badguys: Could you do us all a favor and stop gloating how you're pirating this and that? Or you know, how you're doing society a favor by blatantly proclaiming your lack of support for legal platforms? It is presumed that anyone that logs onto Kametsu is a pirate, more or less. So what is the literal point of you reaffirming that you're a pirate? Simple; there is no point. If you're a christian, do you need to go to a church just to reaffirm your stance on the whole religion? If you're trying to preach a gospel of your own, stop. Please. Just stop. I'm pretty sure anyone that logs onto Kametsu knows what they're doing, and any kind of reaffirmation is frankly unnecessary. Oh, and if you're uninterested in something, here's what you could do - stop complaining. Not to mention that your complaints mostly hold no water, considering that you were wrong about Shera's style, as well as the fact that none of us have seen a single animated trailer to form an educated perspective. The only thing you COULD comment so far is the style, which I have already established above.
  6. Wrong. There's a Negima movie that serves as a conclusion to the series. Also, it has a sequel that goes by the name of UQ Holder.
  7. Inverti

    Attack on Titan Season 03

    Hell no. Yuki Kaji doesn't hold a candle to Bryce Papenbrook and Armin sounds much more his age in the dub, thanks to Josh Grelle. Marine Inoue has always been horrible at male characters past the prepubescent state. And I would also prefer to not hear the Eng names be butchered in the JP language, since only the dub pronounces those names correctly. Also, Koby is right - avoiding spoilers is easy.
  8. Inverti

    Attack on Titan Season 03

    AoT S3 has already been confirmed to be on Funi's summer simuldub list, so I'm definitely gonna watch it weekly as the simuldub airs.
  9. It's like Lupin III Part 4. They still released EPs weekly as if it were a simuldub despite having aired years ago. It's not a big deal. I like the current line up. Looks promising.
  10. Inverti

    RE:ZERO - Starting Life In Another World

    A Re Zero S2 would be nice. Also, on the subject of Puzzle and Dragons, we still don't know if the dub is coming back.
  11. Inverti

    Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

    I really love the fact that Funimation got most of the primary Eng cast back for the new season. I've always preferred FMP in Eng over the Japanese. Like, dear god, Shinji's voice is awful in JP (Mamiko Noto should never be cast as male characters ever with her airy high pitched voice).
  12. I seriously cannot wait to watch the entire series dubbed.
  13. Inverti

    Naruto Kai DUBBED

    Yeah, if you don't want any filler, go do your research. Also, you're in the wrong section.
  14. Inverti

    Will They Remake Air Gear

    Reboot or direct sequel, I don't really care. If they do, cool. If they don't, whatever. I've got plenty of other anime to watch.
  15. Inverti

    Heath issues due to wifi signals

    I think it's either a mental problem, or an extremely rare case of EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome). However, if you are exposed to wifi signals for long periods of time, and you don't feel anything, then that means you're fine. That's like, the majority of humanity. EHS is rare to begin with, and since there's no way to scientifically prove it, it could be as Eccentric says - it's in their heads; a mental problem.