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  1. I really hope Funimation fixes Seth's voice in Radiant. If they do, I'm definitely watching the simuldub. A female voice DOES NOT fit his design. He looks to be about 13-15.
  2. I bet Neutral Hatred will be over the moon once he learns of this. He's one of the biggest Raildex fans I know of. I'm happy too, of course. Now I know I won't have to wait a year just to watch it.
  3. If Bunny Girl Senpai were to get a dub, it wouldn't be handled by Funimation, but Aniplex. I think it may get dubbed seeing as Aniplex's been dubbing nicher titles in recent years. However, that won't happen soon. Probably 2019 if we're being optimistic. EDIT: Index S3 is confirmed to have a simuldub. Here's the source. Looks like Funimation truly was saving it for last. So, that's it for this simuldub season.
  4. It's an error. It was misleading of them to have posted the Bunny Girl anime on the simuldub list. Hopefully, they'll get it replaced with the correct title soon.
  5. Funimation is just simulcasting it. It's not getting simuldubbed. Though, if you have a source that suggests otherwise, link it here.
  6. Is Index S3 joining this simuldub season? It's hard to say. Currently, Funimation has erroneously listed the Bunny Girl anime on their simuldub page. Even if Index S3 doesn't get simuldubbed this season, I'm still hoping for it to eventually get dubbed.
  7. Inverti

    Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

    I'm kinda upset that the S1 Part 2 USBD is getting delayed, since I've been waiting for a while to watch the series. Hopefully, I'll actually get to watch it in 2019.


    More dubs is always more fun! Please spread the word and consider pledging for Emma so that both seasons could get dubbed! At the moment, only S1 is funded.

  9. This should get dubbed. I think it probably will.
  10. Inverti

    Emma English dub

    Don't know if you guys heard of this anime, but the same company that ran a KS campaign last year, Nozmi Entertainment, has recently launched a new KS for Emma. As of writing, the project is currently funded at 119k, which is 61k short of reaching the season 2 dub goal. If Victorian English romance is your cup of tea, please consider pledging so that the entire anime community could also benefit from watching both seasons dubbed. Full disclosure: I have pledged $100.
  11. Inverti

    Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

    The S1 Part 2 BD has been removed on Funimation's site. They should just get it out now, even if it has video artifacts. Why? Cuz Scy is just gonna sync the Eng audio to the JPBD, anyway.
  12. Inverti

    Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

    I don't think that's a reliable source. Sounds more like speculation to me. I googled "Re Zero Season 2", and did not manage to uncover any relevant info. I haven't even watched Re Zero S1 yet, considering the fact that the S1 Part 2 USBD ain't out.
  13. Inverti

    Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

    You didn't answer my question. Which series are you talking about? Also, where did you find the date? What's the source?
  14. Inverti

    Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

    Wait, what is? Re Zero or Puzzle and Dragons? If you mean Re Zero Part 2, it's technically still considered to be S1, not S2. S2 is regarding content that's beyond the 24 EP S1, which, as far as I am concerned, isn't a thing yet.
  15. THANK YOU! Louise is one mean BITCH. She doesn't deserve anyone's affection, and especially not Saito's. The biggest mystery of The Familiar of Zero will always be why Saito is willing to put up with her bullshit, when there's so many other waifus in the same series that are higher tier than Louise IN EVERY SINGLE WAY (looking at you, Henrietta). As for the topic question, that'd be every single series that I end up not liking so much. Usually, I try to find reasons to enjoy a show, rather than the other way around. I refuse to drop shows even if it seems a chore to complete, because I'd rather know the ending. I'm also a completionist, so there's that, too.