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  1. My response may have been blown out of proportion, but heavily weighting a staff member's vote honestly rubs me the wrong way. That's why I got annoyed by it. It makes it seem like the rest of our votes don't mean anything. That's why I emphasized on fairness and the like in my response.
  2. It's 100% fine if you wanted to work on Shaman King. Nobody's faulting you for that. And if that's all the reason you need, just simply because YOU want to work on it, then so be it. Doesn't take a genius to know that you're a diehard Shaman King fan. You know I'm right. In that case, the poll is thus obsolete. So drop your BS favoritism by increasing the weight of an admin's vote more than other users. Hell, just close down the poll if you can't be bothered to make it fair to begin with. Or, in your words, "the poll was going nowhere". Make up your mind, dammit.
  3. Sub only releases at that price are 100% unjustified. Even with a dub included, that insane price tag is unjustified, too. The quality of their dubs are just about at the same level with Funimation's. And Funi charges 1/8 for the same amount of EPs. ie. Quality dubs should be affordable, and not overpriced.
  4. What kind of favoritism is that? So mods' votes count as two, then? Even US elections don't work like that. What's the point of voting if some users' votes CLEARLY matter more? Honestly, I think you just want to work on Shaman King (seeing as every avatar of yours is that of Yo), so you deliberately counted Koby's vote as three. In reality, Bleach got more votes, but of course you wouldn't wanna work on that, seeing as it's been done a gajillion times by other encoders and groups. THAT'S NOT HOW FAIR POLLS WORK. Every vote should count as just ONE, AND ONLY ONE, REGARDLESS OF STATUS. Geez. Don't run polls if you're wreaking of favoritism.
  5. I would say Sailor Moon Viz dub, but there's nothing you could do about it until you get the AU DVDs. I've already got encodes of all the other anime listed (and for Bleach, I've already finished watching it), so I'll take a raincheck for this poll.
  6. ^ Thanks for the comprehensive list. I'll be sure to take a look before I request anything else.
  7. 365 sounds shitty, as it's one of those crappy compilation garbage again. If some of its content happens to be partially original, then I guess it's only partially shitty. In any case, it's shitty nonetheless.
  8. Either close off registration like I've said, or increase restrictions for content threads. You know how your rank increases as you make more posts? I think that's feasible, too. Maybe we should add in a guideline that requires members be more descriptive in their posts. Empty "thank you"s are unneeded.
  9. If someone wants to be a contributor here, then they can prove themselves first OUTSIDE of this site. You know how there's a gajillion pirates outside here that put out good shit? They could use those as proof of their contributions and willingness to help out the community. Otherwise, registration should be closed to the general public, leaving only potential contributors as exceptions; they can be evaluated outside here through some other means. You know how Bakabt only allows a select number of people to sign up nowadays? We could do the same thing.
  10. I've got the perfect solution. Why not just close registration? This is already a big enough community. We don't need any more members, especially link stealing fucks.
  11. Is this some kind of scam? Cuz I don't remember seeing any dub announcements for Re Zero. Is the uploader a good for nothing troll?

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    2. Inverti


      Crunchyroll has licensed it. Funiroll is a still thing, so who knows? Maybe Funimation will pick up Re Zero as one of the anime they'll dub and release for home video. We'll see...

    3. NeutralHatred


      They had the rights to stream it but, they cannot make a home video release. Check the licensors section.

    4. Inverti


      @NeutralHatred Crunchyroll never makes home releases. They rely on their partner Funimation to do that for them. So I'm suggesting the possibility that Funi's gonna get Re Zero and release it for home video. That anime has too big of a following to just ignore. Again, we'll see.

  12. I hope Kimiko continues to make new DGM EPs as Funimation releases the rest of the original series. That's also why I voted for DGM, too.
  13. Voted for D Gray Man, specifically S3. The dub for S1-S2 are available just about everywhere, while nobody has ever gotten around to working on the S3 dub.
  14. Aniplex charges way more, dude. Have a look.
  15. Doesn't really matter to me, to be honest.