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The HITMAN Halloween Pack is a FREE download that invites you to Colorado and gives you full access to everything the location has to offer for a limited time. You’ll be able to play the “Freedom Fighters” mission, all of the Escalation Contracts and Featured Contracts in Colorado as well as use Contract Mode to create your own Contracts.



The Neverwinter Pack add-on (Ensorcelled Mulhorand Weapon, a Bag of Holding, and a Stone of Health) is free on the Humble Bundle for a limited time
This add-on content requires the Free To Play base game Neverwinter in order to play.


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Beneath a Steel Sky is currently free on GOG.




Lure of the Temptress is currently free on GOG.



Flight of the Amazon Queen is currently free on GOG.




Shadow Warrior Classic Complete is currently free on GOG.

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