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  1. Since I haven't seen a post in a bit, here's some indiegala freebs Stranded in Time World's Dawn
  2. You'd still need to buy Hitman 3 to actually play it though, right? I mean it worked like you said to pick up the pass, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows about if it plays or not.
  3. On an unrelated issue... I got Sunless Sea a long time ago on Epic Game Store but it won't load properly goes through logo and then a little text, then black screen I checked logs and see it's not loading some shipping dll (checked online and it's a thing for many people including another game of theirs sunless skies having the same issue) You guys ever try playing that game from them?
  4. I had a weird sign in loop It works fine if you sign in first then add them to library. If you need just click the links and hit refresh to have it recognize you're signed in.
  5. Not yet, but it did say sign up goes until Jan 17th so I just assumed we'll get the email the day after. Sucks that they don't give it immediately. So just wanted to update on that. I got an email back saying Thank you for participating, like it was a contest??? lol no code
  6. Have you received your key from that?
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