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  1. ani-me

    [Bug] Like/Reactions Broken

    Great... Np... You know me... Anyways, it's a great update...way more expressive than the plain old "like" system.. Oh...can I make a feature request? We/I need more emoji/emoticons/whatever... Hahah... History repeats, I am right, not you..!!! Oh...I hope I can do so...this month's gonna be super hectic for me..and the commute doesn't help...and will have exams in the next... Guess, I should be here, more frequently, in Jan...no promises though...
  2. ani-me

    Reactions are finally here.

    I second that... Specially the first part...words/comments > giving likes/thanks
  3. ani-me

    [Bug] Like/Reactions Broken

    That's not what I meant... See....Earlier, we had a limit of...like..30 "likes" per day.... So, if we tried to give away 31 "likes" on the day..we'd get a warning that you have reached your limit However, now if I try to 31, or even 4141324123 "likes" (likes, not sad, or confused, but just likes that count against the quota) within the same day, I don't receive any warning....it behaves just as normal...there is also a "x" button to remove the like....however, in fact, that like is never added to the post...what I mean is that the poster never receives the like...also, your name is absent from the the list of people who have given the "likes"... So , the problem here is that the "like" giver might keep on passing out "likes" but those "likes" are never actually registered into the system, in other words, the poster never receives those "like" since the "like" giver had already exhausted his limit... haha... my description above has to be one of the worst.... "like" givers
  4. Well, just to make things clear, I am talking about this new "like" things Well, supposedly there are is a limit on each user class regarding the no. of "likes/reactions" they get per day. Earlier, in case you had already exhausted that limit and tried to like an item, you would get an error message. However, it seems there are no error messages or warning of any kind implemented in the new system. So you might go on liking stuff, not realizing that they are not being registered. Can this please be fixed..!!! I ended up making so many replies in the form of these reactions today, until I got suspicious due to not getting the usual limit warning...and now I don't even know which all posts I need to revisit..
  5. ani-me


    Oh... and they were also experimenting with some service that accepts BTC...not sure if Kametsu still supports it or now.. Update: Check this page https://projects.kametsu.com/donate
  6. ani-me


    Bye Bye... See you soon..
  7. For those petty little lost souls that are unfortunate enough to stumble upon this status...here..

    I am retiring...well...not entirely...but @Catar style....Will be visiting(not releasing anime like him) here whenever possible...

    If I am ever needed, not sure what you could be thinking needing me, but if yes, just PM me - best option, or @ani-me (tag) me....I'll most certainly be there..in time..

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    2. Vaux


      R.I.P Catar's daily like boost




    3. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      Aww, hope all is well

    4. ani-me


      First, wait WHAAAT???

      There is no reply/quote option in status updates.

      Someone needs to really make @Koby add that...

      Now, so..


      Catar -  don't you worry...I'll still continue haunting you...even if you leave this forum...

      BTW, I too just got access to an unlimited G-Drive...but on my company email address..so probably can't use it here...also, they have some kind of IP block on the account ad hence I can't log in into that account except the company premises...


      Scyrous - Yes, that good for nothing self-proclaimed-retired Catar....

      Well, thanks...hope we'll meet again..have been seeing you around here a lot the past few weeks..


      Vaux - haha...I guess Catar should be thankful to me.....well, he won't get anymore unless he does more 720p...

      Did you know I am not a fan of Cowboy Bebop...In fact MK and I (and maybe Catar too, can't remember) have been discussing the issue for a month now..Well, thanks to me always side tracking on others' posts...


      DabDeity710 - difficult long name to type...anyways...

      Yup, all's great...just that I am no longer a proud member of the NEET community...I unfortunately found my self a job...a demanding one at that..and won't have enough time to be a regular here..I'll try and make time every weekend or so..


      Well, see you guys...probably next week now..

  8. ani-me

    Just reached 1000 Posts!!!

    Thanks.. Though, now, am already semi-retired....
  9. ani-me

    Topic Star Rating

    Go to a page which has already received some rating..like It should look like this: Now, hover over it, and move the mouse away..and the rating will be gone.. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here..
  10. ani-me

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Been a while.. Giant Killing
  11. Although I voted Filehost + XDCC..it actually depends a lot on Filehost - if no/little/bypass-able limits, reliable, etc...like MEGA, drive, amazon, etc...not so much for lie, UC, TF, RS, KS etc.. XDCC - only some XDCC...though more than often, I am not able to use my max download speed with them.. Torrent were great, and still are, probably the best, just 2 issues: Seed count/Dead torrent - not much of a issue for torrent here, or on BakaBT(*sob*) I stopped using them coz it becomes difficult to move/manage/rename files - but I am still okay with them..but they come after good file hosts..
  12. This deserve a like... I takes me an hour or two to simply check the headers and naming alone...
  13. oh...I see...I knew about amazon's...not Google...also.amazon's cheaper...so..whatever... MEGA, I know you hate it...but I guess except the easy-to-overcome-download-limit, there is absolutely on problems with MEGA....I have uploaded quite many time to MEGA, it's not bad... Better not talk about storage with him..he's a monster... Well, I guess you know now.. That's why I hate you...mine are all red...and way ways less than that...
  14. Drive has an Unlimited plan??? Anyways, that aside, wouldn't MEGA be better in that case...at least they'll delete only some of the accounts, not all...so, you/others won't have to re-up all your releases.. Oh come on...you can say that after you un-retire...though ofc..we have some new uploaders...so I don't really miss you That reminds me, I had a original remix planned..I forgot about it.....look forward to it (if I actually get to releasing it..).....