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  1. Go to a page which has already received some rating..like It should look like this: Now, hover over it, and move the mouse away..and the rating will be gone.. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here..
  2. Been a while.. Giant Killing
  3. Although I voted Filehost + XDCC..it actually depends a lot on Filehost - if no/little/bypass-able limits, reliable, etc...like MEGA, drive, amazon, etc...not so much for lie, UC, TF, RS, KS etc.. XDCC - only some XDCC...though more than often, I am not able to use my max download speed with them.. Torrent were great, and still are, probably the best, just 2 issues: Seed count/Dead torrent - not much of a issue for torrent here, or on BakaBT(*sob*) I stopped using them coz it becomes difficult to move/manage/rename files - but I am still okay with them..but they come after good file hosts..
  4. Me too...
  5. This deserve a like... I takes me an hour or two to simply check the headers and naming alone...
  6. oh...I see...I knew about amazon's...not Google...also.amazon's cheaper...so..whatever... MEGA, I know you hate it...but I guess except the easy-to-overcome-download-limit, there is absolutely on problems with MEGA....I have uploaded quite many time to MEGA, it's not bad... Better not talk about storage with him..he's a monster... Well, I guess you know now.. That's why I hate you...mine are all red...and way ways less than that...
  7. Drive has an Unlimited plan??? Anyways, that aside, wouldn't MEGA be better in that case...at least they'll delete only some of the accounts, not all...so, you/others won't have to re-up all your releases.. Oh come on...you can say that after you un-retire...though ofc..we have some new uploaders...so I don't really miss you That reminds me, I had a original remix planned..I forgot about it.....look forward to it (if I actually get to releasing it..).....
  8. So, you are using paid Drive account, right? What about DMCA...?
  9. np...hope you pass..mine are gonna start soon-ish Aldnoah.Zero is great as an anime as well, I recommend pushing it up your to watch list.. Shiki..I remember that it's OST was good, but I don't remember it particularly... Well, I am listening to some right now..and surely it's not something that's I'd download and add to my music collection..I don't prefer such music for daily music..kind..something like that...I mean it is not bad or anything, but it is something that I can enjoy only when watching the series..
  10. @Etzimal Thanks...here, take a loli.. *some good loli here*
  11. Same story here..I guess I am bit depressed now a days...lol..
  12. + *quoting everything above* Well, that's what the problem is. It isn't really that big an issue, but is inconsistent with the design. As an perfectionist with OCD, I find it troubling. However, if it was intended, then I guess it is fine. But it feels more like it was left like that because the proper method was too much trouble to be implemented. Honestly, it is an easy fix. On mouseout for the parent dropdown, you can trigger the hide function for all children dropdowns as well. A generic approach will benefit in future if any changes are made.. And this, this is where I believe the problem lies. imo that's not how it should be made.
  13. There are three iseus I noticed, not sure if they are present in all themes or just the "Titan" theme 1st The menu should be above all other content 2nd The drop-down for donation is empty 3rd Activity>My Activity Steams This drop down doesn't disappear even on mouseout, unlike other dropdown
  14. The post says "Anime you'll never ever watch AGAIN"...are you sure? I don't know...I don't think I can ever be that brave...
  15. Hi..Welcome here..