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  1. ani-me

    Why you should watch Utena and Perfect Blue

    ^^^ That, and hence why I said because, even starting Perfect Blue was not easy..but being so highly rates, being a movie (shorter run time), and my love for psychological-horror, I managed to gather the courage to watch it.. and yes ofc, I'm glad I did
  2. ani-me

    Keep One, Drop One

    House Arrest
  3. ani-me

    Why you should watch Utena and Perfect Blue

    I never got around to watching "Revolutionary Girl Utena", purely due to fact that it quite old, however, I managed to see "Perfect Blue", and I agree. It is one if the best anime, best movie, best media I have seen. A great psychological horror/thriller. Think, I'll try to give Revolutionary Girl Utena a shot too sometime in future!
  4. It depends a lot of factors, mainly, the is the website also going to provide some sort of service (eg e-commerce) or is simply a sort of informative landing page for a business that's 100% offline. This also effects what tools/features you'll be requiring? Do you know the tool/programming offered? Also, what region are you targeting, if any? Since having the web host server in the proximity of clients increases the delivery speed a bit. I haven't been in the website field for several years, but still some good/popular ones are: hostgator arvixe GCP AWS hostinger bluehost godaddy resellerclub wix weebly 000webhost (not that great, but have a great free tier) I have tried a few of them. But that was a long time ago, so not sure how their services are today, so better read some recent reviews, and check their uptime performance on review sites.
  5. ani-me

    Keep One, Drop One

    Police Story
  6. No...and probably will never finish it.
  7. ani-me

    Keep One, Drop One

    Studio Ghibli
  8. ani-me

    hello to all

    Hi... What kind of genre are you in? What have you already seen?
  9. It has been a while since I last saw any anime, so I'll try my best: Samurai Champloo (more action) School Rumble (little action, if any) Devil is a Part-Timer Chivalry of a Failed Knight GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (No romance) Gurren Lagann Soul Eater (action, little romance) Summer Wars (movie) Assassination Classroom (no romance) A Certain Series (?) Full Metal Panic Series (S2 is hilarious) Amagi Brilliant Park GATE Series High School DxD Series Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (maybe?) One Punch Man WATAMOTE (doesn't really fit the bill, but I recommend) Baka and Test Series (guess really fits your requirements) Blood Lad (cliffhanger!!!) Cromartie High School (probably, yes?) That should give you at least a few!?
  10. ani-me

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Late to the party, Witcher 1
  11. ani-me


    Hello new *evil laugh*
  12. ani-me

    Hey minna!

    Hi buddy, Love our top 5 list. Seen 3 of them, and 2 of them are my fav.