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Roleplay - Alexandria Inn - makes a return!


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We had a poll going for a while, asking if it should be re-added after it's death like 3 years ago. The majority was in favor but I never did add it back, yet. Ren brought Empy to the forum, and convinced me to finally get it up.

I kept forgetting to make a post about it, and Ren's been on my case about it ever since. So anyways most of you probably noticed the new board sitting on the forums now, here is just telling you it's there so Ren will give off my case about it.

I told him he could do it.. but supposedly.. it has more "OOOOH power" if I was the one to post it. =P >_<


Alexandria Inn

So everyone get over there, sign up for a roleplay, and begin roleplaying. The section needs you!

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