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Digimon Seasons 1-4 (DVD)

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Borrowed seasons 1-4 from a friend of mine. They are from the recent box set that was released. I am currently ripping them (32 discs in total). Just wondering if anyone would want me to upload them after I am done.

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Feel free to encode them and upload them



I'd appreciate it if you could!


Will do, and so far I am on the 3rd season. It's got that damn (TV-Y) mark on the 3rd season for some reason. Don't know why they made the DVDs that way.

Subbed or dubbed ?


They are dubbed and have no subs in the DVDs.

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      Well, looks like a proper Digimon game is coming to NA/EU.





      And because I can't leave it alone without being really sour about it - There will be no dub.


      I really hate Bamco sometimes. If obscure JRPGs from Compile Heart can get dubs, EVERYTHING Bamco puts out should be able to get one, let alone something as big-name as Digimon.