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  1. Request

    Disney really needs to air Avengers Disk Wars and Future Avengers on Disney X.D U.S. If that happens, it will be posted on Itunes and Loadstone more than likey pick it up as one of his on going projects They are being stupid about not airing it and they think only the Japanse will like these 2 series I wonder if the reverse is true and Japan is airing a Japanese dub of Avengers Assemble or not
  2. 4Kids never dubbed season 4 @Kurt in case you did not know
  3. @Pandemoniu you could donate the money to one of our Itunes rippers and they could get the movie for you from Itunes
  4. Raven more than likey upload Batman vs Two Face here when its released in October
  5. Webrips from where @TheShadowDragon ?
  6. Request

    I dont know the english cast for future avengers @Pandemoniu
  7. Request

    Stange that disney is doing a english dub of this and airing the english dub in japan. Hopelly this english dub will air on Disney X.D U.S but it is unlikey since Disney X.D U.S has not aired the english dub of avengers disk wars yet
  8. Request

    Get the English airing for episode 6+ please @Akai-Shuichi
  9. Request

    English Audio/Dub for episode 5 Cool How did you do that @Akai-Shuichi ? Can you pls get it for english for episodes 1-4 and 6+ as well @Akai-Shuichi? Thanks
  10. http://www.animetoon.org/watch-glitter-force-doki-doki Here you go Streaming only for now till someone does hq ddl links
  11. Request

    Thats good news that they are working on this as well The problem with the raws is that Dlife is a channel that not everyone in japan has access to. Its a premium channel by the looks of it I dont know why disney deciced to air on that channel for
  12. Request

    I am not sure if they are still active since avengers disk wars ended in May 2015 Here is their twitter: https://twitter.com/MarvelousHeroes
  13. Request

    Avengers Disk wars english dub only aired on Disney Asia for some strange and unknown reasons https://marvelousheroes.wordpress.com/ fansubbed Avengers Disk wars but no sign of them yet doing future avengers though
  14. Request

    I am hoping someone or some group will fansub this series since I dont understand japanese