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  1. Oh sorry, it's really late here. Half-asleep haha ^.^' But to clarify to everyone, it's just the dubbed version.
  2. Will do, and so far I am on the 3rd season. It's got that damn (TV-Y) mark on the 3rd season for some reason. Don't know why they made the DVDs that way. They are dubbed and have no subs in the DVDs.
  3. Borrowed seasons 1-4 from a friend of mine. They are from the recent box set that was released. I am currently ripping them (32 discs in total). Just wondering if anyone would want me to upload them after I am done.
  4. I am new here obviously and just wanted to say hi to everyone. I have a wide variety of anime and catoons I enjoy watching. Hope to find some good recommendations to some. That is all for now. Have a good one.
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