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  1. Try harder:
  2. Hi, retal4, Ive send you a PM.

  3. What do you mean ? Credit to the original encoder and uploader.
  4. Does anyone have better rips for Mission: Un-Doo-Able, The Night of the Living Toys, South Pole Vault and A Halloween Hassle at Dracula's Castle ?!
  5. Bump this again
  6. There is a thread for this animated series (HQ DVDRips) but the links are now dead.
  7. +1 for abc.go
  8. Actually, they've added again the 2nd season. All 3 original seasons are available on watchdisneyxd.
  9. No, its a topic in the Requests section. Those episodes exists since they were ripped by TrollHD.
  10. Apparently, the 2nd season is no longer available , but they've added the 3rd season.
  11. Pretty sure season 3 it will premiere on WB's new streaming platform.
  12. Bump for the 2nd season, please.
  13. Yeah, the quality its good, but unfortunately its not in English.
  14. Does anyone have the rest of the episodes ? Except those LQ rips. Someone started to cap them when they aired on Bommerang, or hopefully they still air.