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  1. There is a thread for this animated series (HQ DVDRips) but the links are now dead.
  2. +1 for abc.go
  3. Actually, they've added again the 2nd season. All 3 original seasons are available on watchdisneyxd.
  4. No, its a topic in the Requests section. Those episodes exists since they were ripped by TrollHD.
  5. Apparently, the 2nd season is no longer available , but they've added the 3rd season.
  6. Pretty sure season 3 it will premiere on WB's new streaming platform.
  7. Bump for the 2nd season, please.
  8. Yeah, the quality its good, but unfortunately its not in English.
  9. Does anyone have the rest of the episodes ? Except those LQ rips. Someone started to cap them when they aired on Bommerang, or hopefully they still air.
  10. Which one, K ? LE: Now I saw that DrLove encoded the 1st season and some episodes from season 2 and 3.
  11. For now, the 1st and 2nd series of the original series are available on watchdisneyxd. Is someone willing to rip these 2 seasons (+subtitles if they're available), please ? http://watchdisneyxd.go.com/beyblade
  12. I believe it will premiere this year in the USA. It's pretty popular in Asia. It did aired in UK on CITV.
  13. I've download various episodes and the quality it's pretty amazing. Does Codename: KDN is in your plan ?
  14. It's available on Amazon Prime Video too.
  15. Does anyone knows something to convert .wmv to .mp4, .mkv or even .avi, please ?

    Of course, without losing quality.

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    2. aliqandil


      use ffmpeg as a command line like this:

      ffmpeg -i input.wmv -map 0 -c copy output.XYZ

      depending on the container you choose, some streams may get omitted. (like srt in mp4)

    3. Sheldon131


      .wmv .mp4 .mkv and .avi are containers, not codecs. You can use mkvtoolnix to simply remux into an mkv container.

      Already tried :|


    4. NeutralHatred


      .wmv is an old video codec. I don't think you can convert it. At least not without significant quality loss.