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  1. rob88v

    Digimon Adventure Tri (2015)

    Yes I agree, Season 3 took a very dark path.
  2. rob88v

    Dragonball Super Dub (Funimation)

    Dragonball Super is pretty good so far for me, I watched a few episodes and I was impressed so far.
  3. rob88v

    Digimon Adventure Tri (2015)

    This looks interesting I haven't watched Digimon since the 3rd season I wasn't the biggest fan of the seasons after the 3rd one.
  4. rob88v

    intro to community

    Hello everyone I haven't been on here in a while but just reintroducing myself to the community
  5. rob88v


    Haven't been on the cartoon forums in years I clearly missed a lot of changes lol