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Winter 2014 Anime Lineup


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Doamaiger looks awesome, though it reminds me a lot of Mazinger!

The Virgin witch Maria I will check out.

Yatterman I will check out as well, but I am wondering why the villains are on the cover and not Yatterman

I liked the guy who makes Assasination Classrooms past works, and his mentors past works, so I will check it out.

JoJo is a must.

I might check out the one with the pantsless guy, because it looks funny.

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I don't know, maybe it's just me, I'm seeing almost nothing interesting that's new here, a couple shows that have new seasons that I'll for sure watch, but this might be the first season of anime for me ever that I don't start up something new :huh:

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Nothing new seems to be catching my interest, but I'll be continuing Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso). Though I must admit that the series was lagging a bit last season, it seems to be picking up some speed now so I can't wait for the new episode that will air today! Or rather tomorrow in my time zone. 


I highly recommend the series to anyone that hasn't watched it yet. It was my favourite anime last season and it looks like it will continue to be this season. If you enjoy classical music, comedy and a bit of romance, then this show will satisfy your needs. And if you don't particularly care for any of those, I'd still say check it out. XD

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