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  1. Future Trunks. He's a rational hero who didn't take unnecessary risks. He's such a badass from the future
  2. Has anyone watched this movie? I thought it was hilarious! What were your thoughts on this?
  3. I've read the books. The 5th season is where things really get interesting )
  4. The Big Bang Theory is not as good as it used to be. The latest episode did not make me laugh at all. The writers need to get their assess back to work and think of something new.
  5. This movie looks like garbage to be honest. At the end, you can see raptors helping the humans find something. This has gone too far. Sigh.
  6. To be honest, I'm not interested in K-Pop unless you can understand what they're saying. I'm more interested in 80's music and stuff That's when music meant something to me.
  7. That's because Doamaiger IS awesome Sengoku Musou is not the only one.
  8. This is so exciting I've already placed an order myself!
  9. I've met Kyle Hebert at the Mall before. He's a great guy! He told me about this. @thegameking I don't think so.
  10. I'm only in favor of Anime and Movies! It's difficult to say, really. Manga is decent. It's the original source, after all. Does anyone know if Pokemon had a manga?
  11. I find the English Kai to be quite an improvement than their last. But with that said, it's not perfect either.
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