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  1. Hey all, I'm going to be taking a small break for personal reasons, so there will be a small period of inactivity when it comes to uploads from me.

    1. OMGosh!


      Alright, hope all is well and you enjoy your time off. Everybody could use a break now and then. Thanks for all the content you've shared.

  2. Awesome news! This completely flew past me. Hopefully we'll see more Hanna Barbera TV shows coming to Blu-Ray after this. Crossing my fingers for an eventual Scooby Doo Where Are You Blu-Ray.
  3. My partner has been recently trying to figure out their gender identity, but it's been rough. None of our families support the idea of exploring your gender, and it pisses me off at times. I never go off at them too much but it gets heated at times. It sucks too, because my partner gets depressed easily over it, and I can see why. They just want to figure out who they are, and everyone is making it hard on them. I can only reassure them so much, and try to help but sometimes I can't. If only people were more accepting of the idea. It's harmless for someone to try out different pronouns or ways of presenting. Why do some feel the need to be such shits about it? Don't they know the mental damage they are causing? Ugh.
  4. I went to see Teen Titans Go to the Movies a few days ago on premiere and I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot. I think part of it had to do with how much the audience liked it too, but it was still really fun. It got quite a few laughs for me and the action scenes weren't too bad either.
  5. Is there a minimum amount of releases we need to have made in order to make an index thread? I've been wanting to organise all my current and upcoming stuff in a thread, as well as have a proper place for requests.

    1. megajew


      Don't think so, and if there is it's something low like 5.

    2. Catar


      There's no official requirement. Five is probably a good number to start off, but if you know for sure you've got a lot in the pipeline, or you're looking for a nice central place to get some feedback, feel free to go ahead and post it already.

    3. ElectricAngel
  6. I did see this floating around earlier yesterday. I checked DisneyLife (which is a UK service btw) and the show wasn't on there. I wonder if it just got put up earlier than expected and was taken down shortly after? The show definitely exists though, as I've seen someone who did storyboard work confirm it on Twitter. Interesting to see Disney make a new project like this though. I don't particularly care for Panchito or Jose, but I can see them having potential with the humour. What I'm most excited for is to see Donald in a prominent role in a cartoon series. It was quite disappointing to see how little he's used in the DuckTales reboot despite him being in a lot of promotional material for that show, so hopefully this series can give us a good fix of Donald Edit: The show appears to be available in the Philippines, where DisneyLife recently became available. I guess they're finally starting to branch out with streaming.
  7. I have a question but figured not worth making a new thread. Does anyone know how to download from DisneyNow? I found an old thread on a downloader for WatchDisney but the link to the program was removed by the OP.

    1. P3-NI5


      DisneyNow uses the same method as old WatchDisney sites:

      1. Open blank tab in browser

      2. Press Ctrl + Shift + I, dev tools will open (this works in most modern browsers)

      3. switch to Network tab in these dev tools.

      4. Open the video on DisneyNow and start playing it

      5. in Network tab of dev tools, in filter, type "m3u8"

      6. When video starts playing, a link will appear to m3u8 file

      7. Copy it, and paste into ffmpeg -i "link" -c copy "shit.ts" , where "link" is the link you just copied, "ffmpeg" is a path to ffmpeg.exe, and "shit.ts" is path to a file where video will be saved (i recommend using .ts, and then remuxing it into mkv)

      8. Launch command line, paste said line and hit Enter

      9. Video will be 720p


      Example of said line:

      d:\ffmpeg.exe -i "https://cbsios-vh.akamaihd.net/i/temp_hd_gallery_video/CBS_Production_Outlet_VMS/video_robot/CBS_Production_Entertainment/2018/05/23/1239798339853/CBS_RANSOM_208_AA_6CH_30M_1433280_,1628,4628,3128,2228,848,503,000.mp4.csmil/master.m3u8?hdnea=acl=/i/temp_hd_gallery_video/CBS_Production_Outlet_VMS/video_robot/CBS_Production_Entertainment/2018/05/23/1239798339853/CBS_RANSOM_208_AA_6CH_30M_1433280_*~exp=1528430418~hmac=167b76361bb6c294c72417d21f255460b23ada07f3d4d73464a717a476212c9f" -c copy "d:\ransom 208.ts"


      misseps knows how to get 1080p from Disney, but he is not telling. Thermorectal cryptoanalyzer might get him to confess, but that requires knowing where he lives :)

  8. Just curious, do we have The Proud Family complete? Disney put up what I believe are all episodes on demand and on WatchDisneyChannel. 2 seasons complete. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ElectricAngel


      Yeah so I thought. I know season 1 was released on iTunes but it caught my attention because season 2 was also added. (Also my older comment was deleted because of a mistake I made regarding The Little Mermaid so never mind on that)

    3. Arian


      Well, it wasn't actually Season 1 that was released on iTunes, it was a mix of Season 1 and Season 2 episodes. But either way, the WatchDisney thing is much better.

    4. DawnShadow.


      Not sure if it's still the case, but with SD shows like Hannah Montana and The Suite Life, Disney's streams were upwards of 800MB in size at SD resolution so The Proud Family rips would be amazing.


      They also have added Lizzie McGuire which would benefit from being ripped.

  9. I've seen the trailer at least 10 times now, hah. I'm very excited for this reboot! I actually think it looks better than the original.. Actually, I could never get into the original DuckTales. I've seen the pilot and, that's about it. It was alright, but I could read better adventures starring Scrooge in the comics, and the fact that my favourite character Donald wasn't there made it more boring to me. In this one though I'm glad he's getting a more prominent role, even called a great adventurer by Webby! The new remixed theme sounds great too and the animation, although a little stiff at times (usually the beaks), has some great fluidity in moments so that's good. I wonder when the release date will be? They say summer but that'll be quite the wait. I'm hoping for mid-late May or early June at the latest.
  10. Tfw even iTunes Support didn't know why my Apple ID was disabled. Well at least they finally fixed it. 

  11. Bloody hell, Apple Support is a pain in the ass to deal with

    1. Arian


      Is this about iTunes 10.7 no longer being able to download 1080p videos?

    2. ElectricAngel


      No, it's about my disabled Apple ID. 

  12. Ummm so... my Apple ID has been disabled. Anyone know how to fix that? I really don't feel like calling Apple >_<

    1. DeathTheKid
    2. Arian


      It's the only way. When something like that happens, an Apple employee has to enable your account.

  13. Wowie, the HD transfer for the iTunes release of Rescue Rangers looks amazing! Is anyone here going to upload it? 

  14. Sonic Boom Volume 2 just got released on iTunes so I'll be ripping that very soon.

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