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allo :3 im damo


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hello everyone,

I'm terrible at grammar n stuff so D: don't hate me for it please D: I live in UK and im 23 :o!

im also super duper shy D: and have hard time talking to new people so like.. go easy on mehhh


so i found this site looking through Google for anime gaming hangout places where i can chat freely about what i like and so on. also to get new friends i want more gaming buddies on things like league and archeage D:!


From what i seen sofar this forum is extremely alive :o! so many people online! hope i can get to know alot of yall if not all! -will attempt the impossible mwhahah-


to be fair how active i can be depends on the environment D: i wont lie but ive joined many places and they don't welcome new people its like everyone has there group of friends and they like those more than anyone else if your not part of the group you get treated differently D: im hoping its not like that here tho i really want a place i can call home and enjoy my time with everyone!


My top animes are! 

Clannad, Toradora, Mirrai Nikki, Sakurasou no pet na kanojo, Shakugan no shana :o! and Stiens;Gate


dont read any manga D: ive wanted to but ive always found my self not creative enough to enjoy them T.T


Fav games have GOTTTA!!! be the entire tales of series! I just love JRPGS and thats my top group of games like ever!


My Hobbies areeee... Games, Music and Animes


I've done little bits of Graphic work but i'm nothing special i mainly play around and follow guides xD


my questions for people here would be,

are the people here welcoming to everyone and treat everyone near enough the same D: <- main thing


but other than that do any of yew play games like league or arch or any other mmo's that would like to play together! i really need people to play D: i play on us server for both of those games even tho im from uk lool D:


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