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  1. Yeah I had extremely low expectaions for the movie, but im still sad it turned out so....not good. I actually would prefer the original GITS english VAs though. Always thought they were some of the best id heard. Suuuuuper stoked for this though. Funny because i had just decided to watch SAC again before i even knew this was a thing. Timing was poifek!
  2. Yeah its definitely been a journey getting to this point. Its been about as long and hard as cooked grain of white rice and you know what? its been worth very letter...
  3. Not just him as a person but moreso his ideals, predictions, inventions, etc. I think whether you like him or not we can all agree that he's an interesting guy. So my hope is that this will become an interesting thread. Or maybe it wont be. Who knows?
  4. TsunX


    Welcome to anyone else thats new too. Maybe i shouldve waited a bit and introduced myself here instead lol
  5. About a hand full of anime in my opinion are better with dubs. The entire DragonBall series. GITS HSDK Cowboy Bebop Air Gear Thats all i can remember for now. But, to me, the overwhelming majority of anime is better in its native Japanese provided there are subtitles to help me understand. I just feel like they are far more adept at conveying emotion thoroughly and accurately and they seem to have a much deeper roster of VAs willing to take on roles.
  6. TsunX

    Count to 100,000

    6976 The ratio of views to posts in a thread has never been so infuriating as it is right now lol EDIT: 2006!?!?!?! My goodness...this has been a fruitless effort indeed. But we gon keep own try'n ah tyell yeh wut
  7. Congrats on the time spent! I imagine 1000 posts is a good indicator that its been fun for you. Either that or youve been entrenched in several long, drawn-out arguments that just happened to force you to defend your point 1000 times over. Which wouldnt exaclty be pleasant. Unless, ofc, you enjoy long, drawn-out debates. Then it would be the closest thing to a forum paradise you could imagine...in which case....congrats!
  8. Gonna have to say Coke. Pepsi is kinda like fruit striped gum to me. So exciting!....till about 3 seconds later when its not. So its not even that its worse than coke as far as flavor. But it promises so much on the front end and really doesnt deliver on that promise throughout the experience. Kinda like a presidential elect. So there you have it. Pepsi is Donald Trump.
  9. TsunX


    Welcome!.....one of you has a very suspicious name....
  10. TsunX

    a newbie

    Welcome! Im new too, but i figure i can still welcome a fellow newbie
  11. Thanks! Yeah seems like its lively enough. That in itself makes it pretty great imo
  12. Yip! I wanna say it was.....2010? when i first joined that site? seems like its been longer. Met some great ppl. Of which I still talk to one. But yeah it was WatchAnimeOn(line) at first, then it changed to WAO then i think there was one last change before it died entirely. I was only active there till about 2012. Around then life started to get a bit more busy and I lost the freedom to spend as much as 72 hours jumping between anime, manga, games, forums, and....other stuff. Oddly enough being on there was 10 times funner than being in school. And I wasnt even socially awkward!....much......but that was also when the site changed a bit too much for my liking.....wasnt a huge fan. Crazy that this sites been here longer than that though! And thanks for responding! Happy to be here
  13. Hey guys. Brand new to the forum and I must say im guilty of joining just to grab some DB downloads. BUT! (Thats a pretty big but ) Im totally down to be an active member of this community if its a social place. My first forum was one named WAO which, sadly, got shut down in the way many other sites like it met their demise. It was a streaming site, and we all know that doesnt last forever. After that it was animetake, but i was never really welcomed there. They werent mean....they just never spoke! I feel like its basic etiquette to welcome the newbie rather than leaving them to awkwardly insert themselves into random topics in hopes of getting noticed. Maybe thats just me though. Ill keep this intro short for now. Reply with some questions to learn more about me!
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