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  1. I have played every game before and after KH2, but i'm about to pull the trigger on it today
  2. I love borderlands 2. I played this game so much, I became OP8 with the OTP (Maya and Krieg). I'm currently playing again with the only character that I did just one run with, Gaige. Shes growing on me.
  3. I don't replay them that often, but I do enjoy the ME games a lot. If i had any money I would probably buy the trilogy.
  4. Some of us don't have the chance or resources to play a new game every month. But hey, you do you.
  5. Well thats the best reason to replay something. Gaming is escapism at it's finest
  6. SO! I finally decided to read Berserk. I love it! After pacing myself, I got to 351 in a month. Now I'm up to date, Berserk is known for its long hiatuses, so i was left with this "And Know what?" feeling. It feels bad man Has any ongoing manga or comic ever left you feeling like that?
  7. Superman, Cyclops and Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  8. Mine is easy. Destroy all humans, and also, Destroy all humans 2
  9. And that is so incredibly sad really. ESPECIALLY the animation one.
  10. So. I'm weird and every so often I get the overwhelming need to play a game again, sometimes for a while, sometimes to completion. But there are games that I always end up playing AT LEAST once a year. Do you have games that you play once a year? Mine are: -Final Fantasy 7: I'm starting to hate Final Fantasy 7, not for any merit of it's own, but because of the overwhelmingly positive response to it. FF7 is treated as the pinnacle of what a FF game should be and thats for no other reason than "It was my first Final Fantasy". My first was final fantasy 8 and even then I could see it for the garbage fire that it was. FF7 isn't a garbage fire, but it was a mistranslated mess with one too many bits cutted out for time. But still, it serves as a reminder that an overbearing fanbase doesn't mean that the game itself is bad. In fact its really fun to play. -Fallout 3: I love open world games, and this one just happens to be one of the most moddable ones, essentially making it a game that I can play ad infinitum. Usually the only reason I uninstall it is because i need more space in my hilariously small Hard Drive and normally i have like 20GBs on mods of this game. -Final fantasy 6: I'm 23 years old, I played this game for the first time when i was 13. I've played it to completion over 26 times. Yo do the math. -Turok and Turok 2: I count them together because they're really similar, but I play them because of the same reason. They're fun. A kind of fun that FPS games forgot about a long ass time ago. -Seiken Densetsu 3 (translated rom): Can you tell that I love Squaresoft games? Anyways, the character combinations in this game make it really entertaining and challenging, so i get a kick out of trying each one every once in a while. -Steamworld dig: I've played this game thrice, every time i play it, i just finish it in one sitting. At a leisurely pace the game is like six hours. Six hours of pure fun that I don't mind repeating. So, THose are some games I usually replay whenever I get a craving, do you have any?
  11. Somebody who else who shares my opinion on FF6? I think I'm going to like you
  12. Hello. I'm Joe and the last time I got into a forum, I was 13 years old. I'm now ten years older and I want to try again. One thing you have to know is that I'm not a native english speaker and that english is definitively not my best. If you spot something out of place, please let me know so I can learn to speak it better. That being said. Lets get to know me. I have the rather controversial opinion that Final Fantasy 6 kicks Final Fantasy 7's ass every day without even trying and that Dragon Ball GT is better than Dragon Ball Super on the grounds of it actually being watchable (and because it has fights with actual choreography). I love the cheery story that is Berserk and I thoroughly enjoyed the eclipse. I enjoy a variety of music genres from all sides of the spectrum, from Metal to Electro Swing, no, i'm not a poser, I just like to please my ears. I also have a passion for reading and writing and once had a job reviewing Books for a magazine. I think those are the most interesting things I can say about myself of the top of my head right now. Well, see you guys around.
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