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Just introducing myself

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Hello, I'm Jon!

New guy here, just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm a huge Dragonball Z/Kai/Super and AOT fan, and I love gaming and music.


Hope this isn't spam.



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    • By BizarreJoe
      Hello. I'm Joe and the last time I got into a forum, I was 13 years old. I'm now ten years older and I want to try again. One thing you have to know is that I'm not a native english speaker and that english is definitively not my best. If you spot something out of place, please let me know so I can learn to speak it better.

      That being said. Lets get to know me. I have the rather controversial opinion that Final Fantasy 6 kicks Final Fantasy 7's ass every day without even trying and that Dragon Ball GT is better than Dragon Ball Super on the grounds of it actually being watchable (and because it has fights with actual choreography). I love the cheery story that is Berserk and I thoroughly enjoyed the eclipse. I enjoy a variety of music genres from all sides of the spectrum, from Metal to Electro Swing, no, i'm not a poser, I just like to please my ears. I also have a passion for reading and writing and once had a job reviewing Books for a magazine.
      I think those are the most interesting things I can say about myself of the top of my head right now.
      Well, see you guys around.    
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      Hello everyone, not so long timelurker here. Heard about some news that made me register.
    • By mahbub
      Hello everyone,I'm new in here.
      i love to watch comedy anime.
      I hope I can get along with everyone here, thanks
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      Just wanted to say hi cuz im new to this forum ;D
      hope everyone is having a good day ! ! ! ! !
    • By Super X
      Hi Kametsu Good day to you
      I am Super and I like Anime, EDM, Movies and last but not least Studying
      Particularly I like all the good stuff.I was looking for a community based anime forum(I like communities) and I found kametsu
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