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Found 29 results

  1. Just wanted to say hi cuz im new to this forum ;D hope everyone is having a good day ! ! ! ! !
  2. Super X

    Super HERE

    Hi Kametsu Good day to you I am Super and I like Anime, EDM, Movies and last but not least Studying Particularly I like all the good stuff.I was looking for a community based anime forum(I like communities) and I found kametsu
  3. Hello guys My name is Washingtontom, I'm from Brazil. Nice to meet you all in this site.
  4. ChristopherRoze


    Hi i'm Chris and i love anime and animation
  5. I am a human who posts things in accordance with forum regulation. Hi, i like mangos
  6. therock598


    Hi, just introducing myself
  7. hi ? I'am Yassin From Morocco , and i'm 24 years old i need your permission to see download links Please. Thank You !
  8. zerodayjohn


    Hi, glad to be here.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new here so please be gentle haha.
  10. Hi! I'm new to the community, please be gentle haha
  11. asmar


    Hi my name is asmar I love this website because there very thing I want. So that hmm nothing else
  12. bknyuu


    Hello my name is pablo
  13. I'm 1998gmo and i'm so excited be here, thanks for all in this community!
  14. Hi I'm new in forum. I love animes. I usually synchronize animes from tvrip to dvdrip e.t.c as hobby. If i can help anything so I'll be happy. Have a nice forum.
  15. Hi. The end.
  16. ooknat

    Hi all

    Hi evey one my name is ooknat
  17. Yoh12

    Who I am

    Hi everyone i'm only going to go by Yoh12 on this website, but you can refer to me as Yoh
  18. Hi all, new to this forum and ready to get involved.
  19. Hi it's Tinkahz, some might remember me from Cartoon-World that's is now shut down sadly! anyways just saying hi to one and all! .ps. won't be encoding as i don't have the required things to do so as my computer tower is dead and don'f have the money to rebuild it! so anyways i'm no uploading anymore and plus the upload speed is Australia is horrible anyways until Fibre-Optic is unlimited i'm not even going to bother as all the servers time out my connection and it's just one big headache! anyways and for those whom don't know please disregard just for those whom knew me on CW! -Tinkahz
  20. Flipp

    Hi i'm Flipp

    I just love anime.
  21. Pony37948


  22. Hello, people, i'm volcan krakatoa and i'm here to tell you a story (? Ok No, some friends tell me this place is cool and i can do some greats inputs :3 Well, that's all i have to say, bye bye
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