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Hey guys, It's been a while since I had been involved in the anime scene. I used to make a lot om AMV's and like checking out and sharing new anime (well, new to me). Anyway, I saw that my favorite forum (Cartoon-World) had been taken down, and have actually no idea how long it's been gone. I used to like checking out new stuff, recommending, and just discussing things in the forums, especially if I was lost or if something I had finished was unclear. I did see something about old members moving here and thought that perhaps this was essentially the old forum at a new address. Regardless, hoping to make this place my new home :P.


I will say that I really like the look of this place, it's pretty as well as pretty easy on the eyes, especially at night. It's not hard to find anything as everything's laid out in a very user friendly way. 


As I mentioned, I do like making AMV's and creative stuff like that, though it has been a while. After a while, youtube started just blocking everything as I uploaded it. I do spend a lot of time playing around in photoshop, manipulating images and making covers or banners here or there. I mostly spend time playing video games, my favorites being the popular (Zelda, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Prince of Persia), though I've spent a lot of time lately with the Walking Dead, Pokemon, and Tales of the Abyss. 


Sadly, I haven't been as active with anime as much as I used to, though I was able to catch Attack on Titan, and started watching random's on Netflix, though thank goodness for Netflix.

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Cartoon-World sorta merged in; in the aspect that C-W staff decided to close their board and direct users here and that a few of their key staff got to maintain their staff position in the transfer. However we did not merge the databases or anything. One of the big reasons for this happened was that C-W had a lot of bugs and errors that were basically beyond repair and the core C-W staff never really cared to run a forum to start with; it just sort of came to be through the years. C-W still exists as their own separate encode group however; but we utilize the same community forum now.


This change happened at the end of January 2014; so it's been a while.


Welcome to Kametsu!

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