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An introduction about introductory stuff


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Read the guidelines for this section and figured I'd start by answering the questions given in that topic:

How did you find Forgotten Memories?
Please explain when introducing yourself how you found this forum, also tell how you like the forum, and whether or not you will be active.

I found this place at Forum Topsite. I liked this forum enough to join. I hope I will be active. I certainly have no interest in the downloads, and joined simply because this seemed a decent community.

What RPG's have you played?
What RPG's do you like?

The Legend of Dragoon, until it was stolen. Also, Final Fantasies 9 through 13. 10 is my favorite, followed by 9, and then 12.

What RPG's have you beaten?

All of the above, except Dragoon.

Do you do graphics? If so what graphic programs do you have?


Do you have any questions?

I was promised cake.

Anyways, more introductory stuff. My name is Kevin. I was born in West Covina, California. I moved to San Bernardino, California. The differences between the cities is that Covina has more trees, is less ghetto, and has its own downtown theater.

My hobbies include basketball, reading (about history), gardening, browsing Internet message boards, swimming, and wasting everybody's time by collecting quotations.

My aspirations include reading all the books I can before my life is through, getting involved in forensic science, and traveling the world starting with the places I've been advised to go to by authors, bloggers, and whoever else of note to me.

Now, onto favorites in media. My favorite movie is Blade Runner. My favorite singer is Brian McKnight. My favorite three games are A Link To The Past, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Final Fantasy X. My favorite genres are R&B, Metal, and Jazz. My favorite two songs are Musiq Soulchild's "Love" and Brian McKnight's "Anytime." My favorite food is pasta. My favorite drink is Irish Breakfast tea brewed without the bag.



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Sorry, no cake, but we got cookies and ice cream! Sorry to hear about your Legend of Dragoon. It's an awesome game that deserves a sequel! You can purchase another copy on Amazon for about $10 last I checked.

Welcome to Kametsu Forums! I hope you continue to enjoy your stay here. Where you can discuss many things with other members such as your favorite Anime, Video Games, Music, Books, Movies.. etc.. you can post your graphics if you make any.. or fan art and fan fiction.. the possibilities are endless!

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