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New and improved Signature of the Week starts now!


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After discussions and deliberations regarding the future of the SOTW competitions (seen in this thread), the Graphics Team has decided to make some changes to our most-beloved forum contest. These changes are going to be on a trial basis for the next couple of weeks; if they don't improve the way the contest is run, no sense in keeping them, yes?


These are the highlights of the changes being implemented:

(Sorry, some of this might seem redundant if you've been following along, but I want everything to be crystal clear from this point on.)

  • Themes are reset.
  • Pre-made signatures are now allowed.
  • Voting format is changing from our standard poll to a point-based system. I'll outline this when we start voting for the open competition.
  • There will be two threads for every competition: one for entries/voting/results, and one for discussions. Basically, one is for serious business, and the other is for everything else. The only things that should be posted in the "official" thread are entries and voting. If you want to compliment or talk about someone's entry, do so in the discussion thread. ALL NON-BUSINESS DISCUSSIONS POSTED IN THE OFFICIAL THREAD WILL BE DELETED.
  • In the official thread, I'd like the top three posts to be reserved for Graphics Team members only: one for the topic post, one for voting, one for results. Please, don't post there until we've gotten those spaces reserved. I hate deleting people's posts. I'll try to post a status update saying "GO!" when the contest is officially started, to avoid confusion.

I've also revamped the Winners' Circle, SOTW Themes, and Graphical Division Rules threads to account for any changes, and also to make things shiny.


Please, please, please. If there's anything you absolutely hate or think we can improve on, let us know.

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Another annoucement!

Apollo has brought a suggestion forward, and I think we should give it a try. Normally during a SOTW competition, we've accepted entries from Monday to Friday, with voting Saturday and Sunday. Apollo suggests accepting entries, say, from Thursday to Sunday, and having voting Monday through Wednesday. Part of the reason being that Apollo does not have internet access at home, so he has to be at work to use the forum. The other part being that accepting entries over the weekend gives people more time to work on them. I know I have trouble making entries sometimes, just because I'm so swamped at work, then don't have the motivation to make something when I get home. I thought we could try this for at least one competition and see how it works out.

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