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Doing this backwards, but here I am!


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Hi people!


I just stumbled upon all this maybe about a week ago, but, in that time, I think I may have gone a little download happy on the IRC channel. 


I first found the dub kingdom website, then the IRC channel, and now the forums.  I gotta say, I've always been a fan of anime, but was always too lazy to watch more than a movie subbed, committing to multiple episodes without a english dub seemed unrealistic. Well, that deterrent is pretty much gone now that I've found kametsu et. al.


I tend to be more of a lurker and copious scanner of posts so I don't think I'll be posting everywhere. I tend to be one of those "really active for a few days then disappear for a couple of months" type, but as I"m going through all the new anime I downloaded, I may be here more often....


Top 5 - Well, I've got like 50 shows on my queue, but in terms of the ones I've already seen, they are...


1. Princess Mononoke

2. Avatar the Last Airbender ( I know...technicalities, but it's so good!! Love me some Toph!)

3. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

4. X (TV)

5. Spirited Away


Don't really play video games at all, but I just recently got into D&D, after avoiding it for like 30 years, I caved to my curiosity when a spot opened up in a group. Otherwise, I'm big on other sci-fi/fantasy tv, movies, and books. Beyond that, I'm a bit of a renaissance man, singing, dancing, and writing up a storm wherever and whenever I can.


Okay...this seems like enough (maybe overkill?)...I'll leave it at that.


So....hello all!



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