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  1. Out of curiosity, what happened to C-W? Is this like some merging of forums/anime communities/encoding groups or more like shutting down due to dmca like some torrent/us***t sites (first rule not suppose to talk about it so hence the stars :-P)
  2. Never saw this thread til now, but Merlin's one of my favorite shows, drama, action, humor, magic, what else can you ask for. Haven't seen the last sseason yet, does it have a good ending, or one of those sucky ones?/I thought the ending was pretty good, sad, but totally awesome and the last scene was a nice send-off. And, yeah, totally agree, Atlantis sucks, can't seem to get into it. Poor replacement.
  3. Hmmm...I may take the cake here lol....having taken advantage of the most recent black friday offerings and being a total media hoarder of all types... Let's see connected to my htpc mini (500 gb internal), I've got 11 externals hooked up ranging from 2 tb to 8tb totally...wow doesn't seem like it...almost 40 tb of storage. That's not counting the 3 tb i got connected to my desktop. Yeah, definitely trying to migrate to NAS but want something capable of being a dedicated server/transcoder with room to grow but way too expensive so that's just a "if i win the lottery" splurge. So hah! Beat that! p.s. Yeah, excessive, but a lot of it is research for my dream job of being a screenwriter (or so I tell myself lol)
  4. Hi people! I just stumbled upon all this maybe about a week ago, but, in that time, I think I may have gone a little download happy on the IRC channel. I first found the dub kingdom website, then the IRC channel, and now the forums. I gotta say, I've always been a fan of anime, but was always too lazy to watch more than a movie subbed, committing to multiple episodes without a english dub seemed unrealistic. Well, that deterrent is pretty much gone now that I've found kametsu et. al. I tend to be more of a lurker and copious scanner of posts so I don't think I'll be posting everywhere. I tend to be one of those "really active for a few days then disappear for a couple of months" type, but as I"m going through all the new anime I downloaded, I may be here more often.... Top 5 - Well, I've got like 50 shows on my queue, but in terms of the ones I've already seen, they are... 1. Princess Mononoke 2. Avatar the Last Airbender ( I know...technicalities, but it's so good!! Love me some Toph!) 3. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 4. X (TV) 5. Spirited Away Don't really play video games at all, but I just recently got into D&D, after avoiding it for like 30 years, I caved to my curiosity when a spot opened up in a group. Otherwise, I'm big on other sci-fi/fantasy tv, movies, and books. Beyond that, I'm a bit of a renaissance man, singing, dancing, and writing up a storm wherever and whenever I can. Okay...this seems like enough (maybe overkill?)...I'll leave it at that. So....hello all!
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