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Back from the dead!

The Welsh Paddy

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Well, not from the dead, but still...

Anyways. How is everyone doing? I had to create a new account. :o I can't log onto my previous account, under the username 'NO!' I tried resetting the password and all, but it kept saying my username is incorrect, even though it clearly says 'NO!' on the password I had e-mailed to me. Not too much of a problem for me, except that I now have an innactive account on here that may'swell be deleted.

So umm, yeah, well it's nice to see some familiar faces still around, and I'm loving the new upgrades to the place. :D

I'll be around as much as I can. It'd be nice to catch up with some of you guys. :)

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Cheers everyone. :)

Welcome back! You can ask Koby/Ren to change the name on your account--it might be the exclamation mark that's throwing it off since we switched software.

What brought you back?

That would explain a lot! I came back here more for the sake of, well... I don't know. xD I've had plenty of good times here, so I guess I kinda cherish this place in a sense. I know it's always been fun and friendly, so I've never felt unwelcome. It's just nice being a part of that kind of circle. :)

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Welcome back Paddy! I'm pretty sure I got everything sorted for you. We've had quite a few people with such issues. vBulletin allowed special characters in the usernames, but IPB doesn't seem to allow them to work properly. You can use special characters in your display name fine but not in the login name. vBulletin didn't have display and login names but rather a single username.

Allowing both a login and a display name can really help with security of the accounts too as people can use something unique for their login name then use whatever display name they want and no one but staff (I think only admins can see) would know the users actual login name.

Anyhow, it's great to see an old friend return! Hope to speak with you a bit. Also if you haven't noticed, we now instead of a Chatbox, have an active IRC channel where we have on average 85+ people logged in 24 hours of every day.

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